Stephanie Soffa Stephanie Soffa
Stephanie recently graduated with an AEM Degree from the UMN Aerospace Department. She was the flight director for the test flights and was in charge of integrating Balloon Track, which predicts the landing zone based on winds aloft data and also provides real time tracking of the balloon, into the project. Stephanie also assisted Greg with the electrical implementation and maintained the project web site.
Kevin Sweeney Kevin Sweeney
Kevin was a graduate student in the UMN Aerospace Department studying aerospace systems and controls. He was in charge of defining procedures for all phases of the project as well as working on the mechanical design. Kevin served as both the launch and recovery directors for the testing phase. He also developed the program web site.


Jessie Hakes Jessie Hakes
Jessie, a student from the College of St. Catherine, helped with L03 on the launch and recovery teams. She also took pictures throughout both of these processes.
Dave Hultman Dave Hultman
Dave assisted BallonSat by constructing various components for the launch and recovery systems. This includes the helium fill system as well as the recovery data receiver/transmitter box. He also assisted in T01 and T02 as well as L01 and L02.
Ryan Shea Ryan Shea (center)
Ryan Shea, from Augsburg, helped out with flight and recovery for L05.
Steve Zaffke Steve Zaffke
Steve Zaffke, from Augsburg, helped out with launch and recovery for L05.
Andrew Feit Andrew Feit
Andrew helped with L04 on the launch team and also took pictures during the recovery.
Jennifer Halsted Jennifer Halsted
Jennifer assisted in both T01 and T02 as well as L04 by taking pictures and video. She also supplied both the digital and video camera for all the flights up to L04.
Ryan Nordell Ryan Nordell
Ryan helped with T02 and several of the range and radio direction finding tests .
Chris Sanden Chris Sanden
Chris helped on both the launch and recovery team for each of the flights up to L04. On flight L04 he was the recovery director. For the later flights Chris worked with the helium filling system during the launch.
Matthew Stegmeir Matthew Stegmeir
Matt was on both the launch and recovery teams for both L01 and L04.
Matt Thomasson Matt Thomasson
Matt was on both the launch and flight teams for L03 and L05. During the later flight, Matt worked with the helium filling system and the actual launch release of the balloon.
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