Mission: L01


The first flight was going to be a complete test of all aspects of a regular mission. However, the altitude switch that was developed and provided by HABET developed a problem that was not identified in testing. Once power was applied to the electronics in the command module and a GPS lock was obtained, the relay that applies voltage to the Nichrome cut down was activated.
There was a setting in the GPS receiver that appears to have been enabled that will cause the altitude switch to activate the cut down relay as soon as GPS lock is obtained. The altitude switch appears to be operating correctly and we have rescheduled the flight as L02.

Flight Information:

Date: August 19, 2003
Launch Site: Blooming Prairie High School  ::  Map  ::  Web Page
Launch Coordinates: Latitude: 43.867 N, Longitude: 93.065 W, Altitude: 1290 feet


Mission Manager: Greg Nelson
Launch Director: Kevin Sweeney
Flight Director: Stephanie Soffa
Recovery Director: Kevin Sweeney
Launch Team: Dave Hultman, Chris Nelson, Chris Sanden, Matthew Stegmeir
Recovery Team: Dave Hultman, Chris Nelson, Chris Sanden, Matthew Stegmeir

Lessons learned:


Pictures taken by Dave Hultman
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All pictures from L01


Video taken by Chris Nelson and edited by Kevin Sweeney
Two versions of the video are offered. The WMV file requires the Windows Media Player 9 codec, which can be obtained from our web page for either WMP 7.0 or greater or for WMP 6.4. These codecs can also be obtained directly from Microsoft's Web Site. The MPEG file is offered as an alternative for those who cannot install the codec or are using an operating system other then Windows. The quality of the MPEG is much lower in order to keep the file size small.
The video is 5:58 minutes in length and shows some highlights of the L01 launch setup.
WMV Video File Size: 22.1MB
MPEG Video File Size: 29.4MB
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