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Welcome to the web site of the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. Please use the links at the left to find out more about our programs and Department.

Solar Vehicle Project racing in competitions & promoting practical, solar vehicles

Flexible Aircraft (PAWW) program is featured in latest issue of Aviation Week

Solar vehicle project The Solar Vehicle Project raced their solar car in the Formula Sun Grand Prix July 26-28 and will race in the American Solar Challenge July 30-Aug 6. The team's vehicle is unique because it has doors & seats 2 people. They will not win, but they are participating with two goals: (1) to test the vehicle in multiple terrains to improve the next solar vehicle that the team will start working on this school year to race in the World Solar Challenge, and (2) to pave the way for practical, commercial solar vehicles in the future. The work of the University of Minnesota Flexible Aircraft (PAWW) program was highlighted in a recent article in Aviation Week, titled "Flexible, Slender, Active Wings Lie Ahead For Airliners". The PAWW program is working to develop a flexible wing for flight testing on the X-56 UAV, alongisde NASA, Aurora Flight Services, and Boeing. Read the story.

Student team presents winning design at NASA RASC_AL competition

Rocket Team returns from the IREC with two awards and new perspectives

The AEM Department is proud to announce that a senior design team from AEM 4333, the Scalable Lunar Ice Propellant Manufacture through Modularity team, took home a first place award at the NASA RASC_AL collegiate design and innovation challenge. See more. IREC 2016 Rocket Team The University of Minnesota Rocket Team was one of 52 teams from around the world competing in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). The University of Minnesota Rocket Team is proud to announce that they received two awards at the IREC for Team Spirit and First Place Payload, and finished 16th out of 44 teams competing in the basic competition category. Read the story.

Aerospace News
Date Item
2016-7-29 50-Foot Rocket Built By Students Breaks Records
2016-7-26 World's largest seaplane unveiled by Chinese state company
2016-7-19 SpaceX successfully lands Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground for the second time
2016-7-18 A Cold War mystery: Why did Jimmy Carter save the space shuttle?
2016-7-18 Next SpaceX launch will bring critical docking adapter to International Space Station
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