Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
AEM Opportunities
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Take advantage of the many opportunities available to AEM students.



Each year, the AEM Scholarship committee awards scholarships based on academic achievement to upper division, full-time, BAEM students.


Internship/Co-op Program

The Intern Program provides students with industrial experience during their junior and senior years. Through the intern program, students gain an understanding of an engineer's role in industry.

exchange programs

Exchange Programs & Global Seminars

Students who are interested in exploring foreign cultures have many opportunities to study in a foreign country.

cse student groups

CSE Student Groups

Find leadership opportunities by exploring more than 75 student groups in the College of Science and Engineering such as the Formula SAE or Rocket Teams.

student projects

Student Projects

Students have a number of opportunities to get hands-on-experience while enrolled as a student in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, including being part of a student team.


AIAA Student Chapter

The AIAA is a national forum for professionals in the aerospace industry. At the student level, the Student Chapter works toward a similar mission of aligning students with interests in aerospace.

undergrad research

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research provides undergraduate students the opportunity for faculty mentorship, active learning, and a chance to create new knowledge while being challenged in new ways.

job resources

Job/Internship Resources and Additional Resources

Find more resources about career services, mentor programs, internships and how the AEM Department can help you find a job.

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