Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Richard D. James


MURI: Revolutionary advances in correlated electron materials: from strongly correlated electrons to large scale DFT and quantum embedding, with researchers from Berkeley, Caltech, Cornell and UCSB.

Medtronic Foundation

Reinhart Koselleck Project on Crystallographically Compatible Ceramic Shape Memory Materials, with researchers from the University of Kiel.

DMREF: Accelerated soft magnetic alloy design and synthesis guided by theory and simulation, with researchers from Case Western Reserve and Colorado School of Mines.

Conversion between Magnetic, Electric, and Thermal energies in phase change materials (COMET). A program of collaborative research with Xian Sherry Chen (HKUST/Caltech) and Ole Martin Lovvik, PI, University of Oslo, Norwegian Research Council and SINTEF.

The direct conversion of heat to electricity using fast switching of ferroelectric oxides, Institute on the Environment RDF Fund (University of Minnesota), with Bharat Jalan.

Universal Electromagnetic surface – exploiting active electronics and active origami to generate a programmable electromagnetic response, MURI with researchers from Caltech, CMU, Princeton.

Interaction of Coherent Radiation and Objective Structures for Radar, Photonics and Structure Determination

Mathematical theory for the discovery of multifunctional nanomaterials: systematic search for new nanostructures with unprecedented physical properties, ONR

Potential Applications:

Accurate quantum mechanical simulation methods, and their applications to the simulations of the dynamics of nanostructures and gases.

Discovery of highly reversible, low hysteresis transforming materials for applications to medical devices.

Discovery of a reversible shape-memory ceramic material.

Use of micromagnetic methods to understand the origins of hysteresis in soft magnetic materials.  Discovery of new soft magnetic materials for use in electric motors and the grid.

New energy conversion devices based on ferroelectric or ferromagnetic phase transformations for the small temperature difference regime, 10 to 200 C.

New energy conversion devices based on ferroelectric phase transformations for the small temperature difference regime, 10-200 C.

Design of origami structures for antennas and other applications.

Design and methods of production of “twisted light” and other radiation that interacts constructively with objective structures.

Discovery of new nanomaterials with unprecedented magneto-electric and transport properties.


Ellen K. Longmire


Fluid/structure interactions in MEMS

Potential Applications:

In this project, we examine the effect of micro- and nanoscale gaps on the motion of structures in MEMS.

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