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Joseph W. Nichols
Assistant Professor

Contact information
Office: 220 Akerman Hall
Phone: 612-626-5496
E-mail: jwn (at)

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List of research topics

Professor Nichols’ research spans a variety of fields. His doctoral work focused on simulation and analysis of turbulent reacting flows. While at Ecole Polytechnique, his research included absolute vs. convective instability, weakly nonlinear/nonparallel stability theory, global mode decomposition, secondary instability and Floquet analysis, adjoint-based methods for non-normal flow systems, dynamic mode decomposition, optimal perturbations and developing reduced order models for active flow control. At Stanford, Professor Nichols’ work included extreme-scale LES (large eddy stimulation) and computational aeroacoustics.


B.S., Computer Science, Pacific Lutheran University, 1999
B.S., Computer Engineering, Pacific Lutheran University, 1999
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 2001
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 2005


2013 - current: Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics, University of Minnesota
2011 - 2013: Research Associate, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University
2009 - 2011: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University
2006 - 2008: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique (LadHyX), Ecole Polytechnique
2001 - 2005:  Pre-Doctoral Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Washington
2001: Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Washington

Five Recent Publications

  • Cook, D.A., Thome, J.S., Brock, J.M., Nichols, J.W., Candler, G.V. , 2018, Understanding effects of nose-cone bluntness on hypersonic boundary layer transition using input-output analysis , AIAA Paper , (Journal Article) More Details
  • GS, S., Dwivedi, A., Candler, G. & Nichols, J.W., 2018, Onset of three dimensionality in supersonic flow over a slender double wedge, Physical Review Fluids, (Journal Article) More Details
  • Dwivedi, A., GS, S., Nichols, J.W., Candler G. & Jovanovic, M. R. , 2018, Instabilities in hypersonic compression ramp flow: an input-output approach, (Journal Article) More Details
  • Jeun, J. & Nichols, J.W., 2018, Input-output analysis of Mach 0.9 jet noise, (Journal Article) More Details
  • Nichols, J.W., 2018, Input/output analysis of F and S mode synchronization in hypersonic boundary layers, (Journal Article) More Details

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Honors and Fellowships

Louis and Katherine Marsh Memorial Fellowship, University of Washington, 2002

Current Courses

AEM 8202 -- Fluid Mechanics II | Course Home Page
AEM 8207 -- Hydrodynamic Stability | Course Home Page

Subjects and Courses Taught

AEM 2011 -- Statics
AEM 4201 -- Fluid Mechanics
AEM 8202 -- Fluid Mechanics II
AEM 8207 -- Hydrodynamic Stability

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