Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Joseph Mueller
Adjunct Professor

Contact information
Office: 205 -A Akerman Hall
E-mail: muel0053 (at)

Joseph Mueller has taught courses at the AEM department as an adjunct professor since 2004. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist at SIFT - Smart Information Flow Technologies - here in Minneapolis. At SIFT, he is supporting several projects that involve autonomous planning for UAVs, active perception for cyber defense, statistical model checking for hybrid systems, and the certification of adaptive and intelligent control systems. Prior to joining SIFT, he worked at Princeton Satellite Systems for 13 years and served as the principal investigator for several Small Business Innovative Research projects. In this role he developed algorithms for optimal guidance and control of both formation flying spacecraft and high altitude airships, and developed a course of action planning tool for DoD communication satellites. Dr. Mueller’s research interests include robust optimal control, adaptive control, trajectory optimization, and intelligent systems to enable autonomous operations.


B.S., Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of MN, 1999
M.S., Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of MN, 2000
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of MN, 2013


  • Participant in the NASA Academy, 1997
  • Commencement Speaker for the Institute of Technology at the University of MN, 1999
  • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship at UMN, 2010

Professional Societies

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Current Courses

AEM 4301 -- Orbital Mechanics
AEM 4495 -- Aerospace Systems Problems

Subjects and Courses Taught

AEM 2011 -- Statics
AEM 2011 -- Statics
AEM 2012 -- Dynamics
AEM 2021 -- Statics and Dynamics
AEM 3101 -- Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Aerospace Engineering
AEM 4301 -- Orbital Mechanics
AEM 4332W -- Aerospace Vehicle Design II: Space Vehicles, Missions, and Systems

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