Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Todd I. Hesla
Contract Assistant Professor


Contact information
Office: 533 Shepherd Lab
Phone: 612-624-3501

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Professor Hesla’s research interests are in the theory and computation of Fluid-Particle Flow, Fluid-Body Interaction and Finite-Element methodology.


B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Concordia College, 1974
M.S., Mathematics, University of Minnesota, 1979
Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2004

Current Courses

AEM 2012 -- Dynamics | Course Home Page
AEM 3031 -- Deformable Body Mechanics | Course Home Page

Subjects and Courses Taught

AEM 2011 -- Statics
AEM 2012 -- Dynamics
AEM 2021 -- Statics and Dynamics
AEM 3031 -- Deformable Body Mechanics
AEM 3100 -- Software Applications in AEM
AEM 8201 -- Fluid Mechanics I

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