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Announcing the New Director of Minnesota Space Grant Consortium

I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Demoz Gebre-Egziabher as the new director of MnSGC as of January 2, 2017. He succeeds Professor William L. Garrard who served as the director of the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium from 1991-2016. Please join me in congratulating Demoz on his appointment and thanking Bill for his dedicated and outstanding 25 years of service to the program consortium.

    Perry H. Leo
    Professor and AEM Department Head

MN Space Grant Receives NASA Funding for Community College Quadrotor Design Competition

The Minnesota Space Grant Consortium, based in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) department (Director, Professor William Garrard, and Associate Director, James Flaten) has received a two year grant from NASA to support a community college based program to improve STEM recruitment and retention. More Info

MN Space Grant Articles

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2014-06-03 Dr. James Flaten - Associate Director of the MN Space Grant and contract faculty in AEM - and his summer "ballooning team" worked with students from two Bloomington middle schools as they designed experiments to be flown in several payloads carried by a weather balloon into the stratosphere. Several of the experiments involved seeds that would be exposed to cosmic radiation at heights of 90,000 to 100,000 feet. The students also made measurements of conditions like temperature and pressure, and even flew cameras to document the view. More Info
2014-05-29 Dr. Lucy Dunne - an associate professor in the College of Design - has received support in order to provide students the opportunity to work with NASA. In Dr. Dunne's Functional Apparel Design course last spring - funded by the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium - apparel students had the chance to redesign astronauts' gloves that currently leave their hands sweaty, prone to rashes, chafing, and even with delaminating fingernails. This year, they have expanded on that work and have been accepted into NASA's "Microgravity University" program to conduct an experiment in reduced-gravity conditions. More Info
2014-05-23 James Flaten, Associate Director of the MN Space Grant and AEM Contract Assistant Professor, was selected to pilot two sections of CSE 1002 - a new Project-Based Inquiry class for CSE freshmen. The first section engaged ten freshmen in a high-altitude balloon mission to the stratosphere. The students built miniature near-space-craft and equipped them with video cameras, a variety of sensors, and Arduino-microcontroller data loggers to monitor environmental conditions during the two-hour flight. The balloon mission was flown in southern Minnesota on April 12, 2014 and used GPS-enabled ham radios for real-time tracking and recovery. In addition to the science experiments, students also flew Goldy Gopher in a tiny spacesuit. See the video here:
More Info

Over 2,000 middle school students came to campus on Friday, April 25, 2014, for the first-ever "CSE Expo," which included more than 50 STEM exhibits, mostly hosted by CSE student groups. James Flaten from the MN Space Grant Consortium and Brian Taylor from the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) lab organized AEM-related exhibits on high-altitude ballooning, high-power rocketry, and UAVs in the Akerman Hangar. More Info


NASA's Minnesota and Wisconsin Space Grant programs kicked-off the 2014 Space Grant Midwest Regional High-Power Rocketry Competition with judged presentations on April 25 in Akerman Hall, and flights on April 26 at the Tripoli MN launch site near North Branch. Teams from five Midwest states - Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin - entered 13 high-power rockets in the competition. More Info


After a successful semester of building high-power rockets, defined as rockets using H-size (or larger) motors, Dr. James Flaten's AEM 1905 Freshman Seminar class hosted a high-power rocket exhibit in Akerman Hall's hanger lobby on December 10th. More Info

2012-08-03 AEM and Minnesota Space Grant participate in Minnesota Aviation Week September 17-22, 2012. Bob Cabana, head of the Kennedy Space Center is launching Minnesota's first annual celebration of Minnesota Aerospace & Aviation Week, which is part of National Aerospace Week(September 17 - 22). More info
2012-05-22 Professor James Flaten, Associate Director of the MN Space Grant Consortium housed in the AEM Department, is being featured as the "Scientist on the Spot" at the Science Museum of MN. Museum attendees are invited to pose questions to Professor Flaten either at the museum Science Buzz exhibit area or by visiting the Science Buzz web site. More info
2012-02-09 UMN Professor Lucy Dunne and her Apparel Design students are attempting to craft a spacesuit to present to NASA this spring. The designs are incorporating e-textiles (wearable technology) that can be used for various control systems, as well as taking comfort and other design constraints into consideration. The Minnesota Space Grant Consortium, directed by AEM Professor William Garrard, is helping to fund the project. More info

On May 19th and 26th, 2011, the University's High-Altitude Ballooning Team launched four weather balloons into the stratosphere (AKA "near-space"), to altitudes ranging from 80,000 to 90,000 feet. The balloons carried scientific payloads designed and built by students from nine local middle schools, under the instruction of teachers who attended a MN Space Grant Consortium (MnSGC) workshop last summer. More info


The Minnesota Space Grant -- Ballooning project, led by AEM Professors James Flaten and William Garrard, is part of the Reach for the Sky program. Currently featured on the front page of the University, the program spent time this summer with students on the White Earth Reservation building students' interest in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics discplines. Read more.

2010-09-20 On Thursday, September 16th, the Great Midwestern Space Grant Consortia held its annual meeting at the University of Minnesota. The group was the first to use the Akerman Hall hangar in its newly remodeled state. The event brought over 120 participants from Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. More info.
2008-10-22 The Walker Art Museum recently brought Museo Aero Solar, ‘The First Flying Museum,’ to the Twin Cities which included a collaboration between the artist, Tomas Saraceno, and AEM faculty members James Flaten (Associate Director of the MN Space Grant Consortium) and Perry Leo. More...
2007-10-30 The Minnesota Daily explores the NASA internships offered through MnSGC and profiles AEM student Mark Stole in the process. Read more on the NASA interns here.
2007-07-13 Eleven Minnesota student (many from AEM) are interning at NASA over the summer through the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium.
2007-03-28 Members of the MnSGC showed off hovercraft to attendees at the IT Family Fun Fair.
2007-01-29 Minnesota Space Grant Consortium educates students with hovercrafts on the physics of freefall

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