Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Akerman Hall ca 1950s

Akerman Hall circa 1950

Aeronautical Engineering was one of the First Accredited

The Aeronautical Engineering Department at Minnesota was one of the ten original schools accredited in 1938 when accreditation began. The other schools were California Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech., MIT, University of Alabama, University of Cincinnati, University of Detroit, University of Michigan, University of Washington, and NYU.

Fifty years of Aeronautical Engineering: 1929-1979

On the occasion of the Department's 50th Anniversary, the first fifty years of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Minnesota were documented. The following sections present some highlights of this exciting period in Aeronautical Engineering.

An excerpt from "Aeronautical Science 101: The Development of Engineering Science in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Minnesota" Masters paper in the History of Science and Technology by Amy E. Foster, 1999:

Update to AEM's history, by A.E. Foster and W.L. Garrard.

In Memoriam

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