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The Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Department at the University of Minnesota is proud to produce excellence in education, outreach, and innovative research. Aerospace engineers play a major role in the technological advancement of our society not only by designing aircraft and spacecraft but also by their leadership in fields as diverse as the biomedical and computer industries. Through its emphasis on mechanics, the AEM Department at the University of Minnesota ensures that students are well grounded in the fundamentals of engineering and can become exceptional contributors to this exciting industry.

The AEM Department has a long tradition of excellence, as it is the descendant of one of the first ten accredited Aeronautical Engineering programs in the country. Today, our department has 18 faculty members and four instructors that contribute to distinction in all areas. Our award-winning and internationally-recognized faculty conduct research in three primary areas: Aerospace Systems, Fluid Mechanics, and Solid Mechanics, but also in other emerging fields such as Nanotechnology. Research is conducted in one of many departmental facilities, including the Single Crystal Growth Facility, the Wind Tunnel Lab, and the UAV (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle) Laboratory. Our faculty and students also participate in interdisciplinary research and collaborations with groups such as the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory.

Faculty within the department educate and advise approximately 328 undergraduate and 90 graduate students. The degrees offered by the AEM Department include the undergraduate Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics and graduate Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. Between the breadth and depth of the knowledge acquired and the number of opportunities to receive hands-on-experience, students are fully prepared to become leaders in solving important technological problems. Alumni go on to work in education, industry, and the military, designing everything from scramjets to airliners to space-related missions at NASA.

Please explore our website to learn more about what the AEM Department has to offer our prospective students and ways that you can connect with us. If you have any further comments or questions, please contact us at


Perry Leo

Professor and Department Head

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