Courses Current Semester (Spring 2018)

AEM 8531: Fracture Mechanics A graduate introduction to the linear elastic theory of fracture mechanics (or "why things break?") and its application to material fatigue.

Upcoming Courses (Fall 2018)

AEM 5501: Continuum Mechanics A graduate introduction to the fundamental topic of nonlinear continuum mechanics, which serves as the foundation for solid and fluid mechanics. It provides the most general description of the response of materials to external mechanical and thermal loading.

HSEM 3511H: Science Court: Strengthening Democracy through Rational Discourse Science Court is a mock trial system designed to promote democratic norms by investigating controversial societal issues, based on facts and sound scientific research, in front of a judge and jury of citizens. Students work together in three teams (Science, Legal and Media) to plan, research, execute, and report a SciCourt case. For more information, see the HSEM 3511H course website.

Modeling Materials Short Courses

Together with Prof. Ron Miller, Ellad Tadmor teaches intensive 5-day short courses on "Modeling Materials" (MM) that cover a broad range of topics including nonlinear continuum mechanics, the finite element method, atomistic simulations, statistical mechanics, and multiscale methods. For more information, see the MM short courses website.

The MM short courses are based on two graduate-level textbooks written by Tadmor and Miller (one together with Ryan Elliott). For more on information on the books, visit the books website.

Courses (previous semesters)

AEM 2011: Statics An undergraduate course covering engineering mechanics principles for force analysis of static problems and their application to problems encountered in engineering design and practice.

AEM 3301: Deformable Body Mechanics An undergraduate course on the elastic (small and reversible) deformation of bodies subjected to external loading.

AEM 4502: Computational Structural Analysis An undergraduate introduction to the Finite Element Method with applications to the mechanics of structures (beams and plates) and 2D and 3D elasticity theory.

AEM 8551: Multiscale Methods for Bridging Length and Time Scales A graduate-level course exploring theoretical and computational methods for modeling material behavior that span the scales from the atomistic to the macroscopic. For more information, see the AEM 8551 course website.