AEM 1905 -- Changes

Wed Sep 22 15:11:35 2010

Effective Term: New:  1113 - Spring 2011
Old:  1089 - Fall 2008
College: New:  TIOT - College of Science and Engineering
Old:  TIOT - Institute of Technology
Course Title Short: New:  Aircraft and Spacecraft
Old:  Spaceflight With Ballooning
Course Title Long: New:  Freshman Seminar: Aircraft and Spacecraft
Old:  Freshman Seminar: Spaceflight With Ballooning
New:  Exploration of topics related to air and space travel with an emphasis on hands-on projects and activities.
Old:  Inexpensive methods for reaching outer space. Students design/build mini-spacecraft, use high-altitude helium balloons to reach near-space. Launch/recovery on Saturday in October/November. Analysis of mission data.
Topics Course: New:  Yes
Old:  No
Term(s) most
frequently offered:
New:  Fall, Spring
Old:  Fall
Editor Comments: New:  converting to topics course, which it should have been originally.
Old:  fixed typo

Adjusted title to state that this is a freshman seminar.
Sponsor Name:
Old:  James Flaten
Student Learning Outcomes: * Student in the course:

- Can identify, define, and solve problems


Please explain briefly how this outcome will be addressed in the course. Give brief examples of class work related to the outcome.

students will study problems related to air and space flight.

How will you assess the students' learning related to this outcome? Give brief examples of how class work related to the outcome will be evaluated.

By their completion of the projects and participation in the course.

Old: unselected