MATH 1572H -- Changes

Thu Oct 7 11:22:27 2010

Effective Term: New:  1113 - Spring 2011
Old:  1089 - Fall 2008
College: New:  TIOT - College of Science and Engineering
Old:  TIOT - Institute of Technology
Term(s) most
frequently offered:
New:  Spring
Old:  Fall, Spring
for Catalog:
New:  1571H, Honors student and permission of University Honors Program
Old:  Honors student and permission of University Honors Program
New:   No required consent
Old:   College
(course-based or
New:  000571 - honor student, Math 1571H
Old:  000571 - honors student
Editor Comments: New:  <no text provided>
Old:  This is a copy of MATH 1572: Honors Calculus II
Proposal Changes: New:  change consent requirement:  No required consent from college
change enforced prerequisite to include Math 1571H
change semester most often offered to just spring.
change prerequisite listing in catalog to include 1571H
Old:  Removed Math 1252 as an equivalent since it is no longer in the UG Catalog and virtually no one entering 1572H from this point on will take it; removed "prereq Grade of at least C- in 1571" as it is understood that no one can continue in the sequence with a grade less than C- and UHP would not give them permission to do so, removed "It Honors req of Honors" to "meets HonorsUHP req of UHP"
Sponsor Name:
New:  Bryan Mosher
Old:  David Frank
Student Learning Outcomes: * Student in the course:

- Can identify, define, and solve problems


Please explain briefly how this outcome will be addressed in the course. Give brief examples of class work related to the outcome.

Problem solving is at the heart of any mathematics course. In this course some problems would involve purely mathematical issues, like determining whether an infinite series converges. Other problems involve taking a real world situation like calculating the work done by a variable force, requiring students to first identify the mathematically relevant aspects, then define appropriate mathematical variables and relations, and finally solve the resulting mathematics problem.

How will you assess the students' learning related to this outcome? Give brief examples of how class work related to the outcome will be evaluated.

Every assignment, exam, and lecture focuses on problem-solving, and students will have ample feedback about their problem-solving skills in this course.

Old: unselected