GEO 2202 -- New Course

Mon Apr 20 12:33:24 2009

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Effective Status: Active
Effective Term: 1103 - Spring 2010
Course: GEO 2202
Institution: UMNTC - Twin Cities
Career: UGRD
College: TIOT - Institute of Technology
Department: 11130 - Geology & Geophysics
Course Title Short: Earth History
Course Title Long: Earth History
Max-Min Credits
for Course:
4.0 to 4.0 credit(s)
Major theoretical foundations (Big Bang cosmology, plate tectonics, evolution); formation of Earth and its evolution over 4.5 billion years; chemical evolution of the solid Earth, atmosphere, and ocean; origin and tectonic evolution of the continents; origin of life; patterns and processes in the history of life; long-term interactions between the geosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.
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3.0 hours per week
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Every academic year
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Component 1: LEC (with final exam)
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4.0 credit(s)
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4.0 credit(s)
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Course Syllabus
Course Syllabus:                 GEO 2202: Earth History                       
                Spring semester, meeting time                       

Week 1: Beginnings                                       
T        20 Jan        Overview, Science, Geology, Early Earth historians                       
Th        22 Jan        The Big Bang                       
ESH: Ch. 1                                       
Lab 0:        No lab                               
Week 2: Origin of Solar System                                       
T        27 Jan        Star formation, stellar evolution, formation of the elements                       
Th        29 Jan        Origin of the Solar System                       
ESH: Ch. 2 & 5                                       
Lab 1:        Geological time and relative dating                               
Week 3: Differentiation of Earth                                       
T        3 Feb        Formation of the moon, differentiation of core and mantle, continental crust                       
Th        5 Feb        Archean oceans and atmosphere                       
ESH: Ch. 6                                       
Lab 2:        Absolute dating                               
Week 4: Origin of life                                       
T        10 Feb        Origin of life                       
Th        12 Feb        Origin of life                       
ESH: Ch. 8 & 9                                       
Lab 3:         Depositional environments and processes                               
Week 5: Biogeochemical cycling                                       
T        17 Feb        Microbial metabolisms                       
Th        19 Feb        Whole Earth geochemical cycles: HCNOS                       
ESH: Ch. 3 & 7                                       
Lab 4:         Depositional environments and processes                               
Week 6: The more or less modern Earth System                                       
T        24 Feb        Atmospheric evolution during the Archean and Proterozoic                       
Th        26 Feb        Continental accretion, Proterozoic tectonics and supercontinents                       
ESH: Ch. 10 & 11                                       
Lab 5:         Carbon cycle                               
Week 7: Life in the Proterozoic                                       
T        3 Mar        Earth's climate system, Snowball Earth                       
Th        5 Mar        Origin of multicellular organisms and the Cambrian Explosion                       
ESH: Ch. 4 & 12                                       
Lab 6:         Phylogeny and evolution                               
Week 8: The Early Paleozoic                                       
T        10 Mar        Evolution of marine ecosystems during the Paleozoic                       
Th        12 Mar        Taconic orogeny                       
ESH: Ch. 12 & 13                                       
Lab 7:         Phylogeny and evolution                               
Week 9: Spring break                                       
T        17 Mar        Spring break                       
Th        19 Mar        Spring break                       
ESH: Ch. 13 & 14                                       
No lab                                       
Week 10: Middle and Late Paleozoic Era                                       
T        24 Mar        Origin of terrestrial ecosystems during the Devonian                       
Th        26 Mar        Assembly of Pangea; Pennsylvanian coal swamps and glaciation                       
ESH: Ch. 14 & 15                                       
Lab 8:         Invertebrate life                               
Week 11: Late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic Era                                       
T        31 Mar        Permo-Triassic extinction and recovery                       
Th        2 Apr        Break up of Pangea                       
ESH: Ch. 15                                       
Lab 9:         Invertebrate life                               
Week 12: The Mesozoic Era                                       
T        7 Apr        Triassic faunas and evolution of dinosaurs                       
Th        9 Apr        Atmospheric and oceanic evolution during the Mesozoic                       
ESH: Ch. 16                                       
Lab 10:         Vertebrate life                               
Week 13: The late Mesozoic                                       
T        14 Apr        Tectonics of the Cordillera                       
Th        16 Apr        Extinction of some dinosaurs and mammalian radiations                       
ESH: Ch 17 & 18                                       
Lab 11:         Stratigraphy                               
Week 14: The Cenozoic Era                                       
T        21 Apr        PETM and the diversification of modern mammals                       
Th        23 Apr        Alpine-Himilayan orogeny, Basin and Range                       
ESH: Ch. 19 & 20                                       
Lab 12:         Evolutionary rates                               
Week 15: Neogene                                       
T        28 Apr        Evolution of grasslands                       
Th        30 Apr        Human evolution                       
ESH: Ch 20                                       
Lab 13:         Evolutionary rates       
Week 16: Global change               
T        5 May        The Ice Age
Th        7 May        Climate change
ESH: Ch 20               
Lab 14: