EE 5705 -- Changes

Tue Apr 28 14:43:46 2009

Effective Term: New:  1099 - Fall 2009
Old:  1089 - Fall 2008
Course Title Short: New:  Elec Drives in Sust Energy Sys
Old:  Adv Elec Drives
Course Title Long: New:  Electric Drives in Sustainable Energy Systems
Old:  Advanced Electric Drives
New:  Role of electric drives in wind-elec. systems, inertial storage, elec/hybrid vehicles, etc. AC machines for energy-efficient operation using d-q axis modeling. Vector-controlled and direct-torque-controlled induction motor drives, permanent-magnet and interior-permanent magnet ac motor drives; sensor-less drives; voltage space-vector modulation tech.
Old:  D-q axis analysis of salient-pole synchronous motor drives. Vector-controlled induction motor drives, sensor-less drives, voltage space-vector modulation techniques, current-source inverter drives, reluctance drives. Power quality issues. Integrated software lab.
Proposal Changes: New:  Changing Title and Description of Course.
Old:  career level and prereq change
Sponsor Name:
New:  Ned Mohan
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New:  Proposal to Change the Title and Content of EE 5705

Submitted by Ned Mohan
March 3, 2009

New Proposed Title: Electric Drives in Sustainable Energy Systems

Catalog Description: (3cr)

Role of electric drives in wind-electric systems, inertial storage, electric/hybrid vehicles, variable-speed drives for energy conservation, etc. Controlling ac machines for energy-efficient operation using d-q axis modeling. vector-controlled and direct-torque-controlled induction motor drives, permanent-magnet and interior-permanent magnet ac motor drives; sensor-less drives; voltage space-vector modulation techniques.  Integrated simulations.

Contact Hours: 3hrs/wk

Course Coordinator:
Ned Mohan
EE/Csci 5-111

So far in EE 5705, Advanced Electric Drives: Analysis, Control and Modeling using Simulink, (publisher website: has been used.  It has been given to students at no cost. I plan to revise this book, prior to Spring 2010, to reflect the new course emphasis.

Prerequisite by Topics:
Understanding of transformers, dc drives and ac machines and drives under balanced sinusoidal steady state.

Course Objectives:
This course teaches modern topics in sustainable technologies for optimum operation of electric drives, leading to their analysis, control and modeling using a program such as SIMULINK™.

Course Outcome:
A comprehensive understanding of how electric drives operate under dynamic conditions, how they ought to be controlled for optimum performance and how they are modeled using a computer simulation program as a first step in hardware implementation of their control.  

It is possible that a separate 1-credit hardware lab course can be added to complement this lecture course EE 5705. This lab can basically be an extension of the lab courses EE 4703 that uses DSP-controlled (dSPACE system) Electric Drives.

Course Outline:

1.        Role of Electric Drives in Renewables, Storage, Electric/Hybrid Vehicles, variable speed drives for Energy Conservation (1 wk)

2.        Review:         AC Machines and Space Vector Theory (1 wk)
Brush-less DC Motor Drives
Induction Motors: Balanced Steady State Operation

3.        Design and Modeling of Controllers for Torque, Speed and Position Control        (1 wk)

4.        Speed Control of Induction Motor Drives (1 wk)

5.        Dynamic Analysis and Modeling of Induction Machines using d-q Axes Theory (2 wks)

6.        Vector Control and modeling of Induction Motor Drives (2 wk)       
7.        Voltage Vector Pulse-Width Modulation (1 wk)

8.        Direct-Torque Control and Sensor-less Drives (2 wk)

9.        Permanent-Magnet and Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous-Motor Drives (2 wks)

Relationship to Professional Component:
Aimed at graduate students; can be taken by undergraduates who have taken EE 4701

Relationship to Program Objectives:
Provides in-depth knowledge in the field of electric drives.

Prepared by:  Ned Mohan, Spring 2009

Old:  <no text provided>