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The flow is provided throught the new close-loop water channel facility. The flow is driven by a paddle wheel ( Diameter D=0.73 m) instead of a impeller, which may kill the zooplankton while in operation.

The channel body is made of transparent plexiglass enabling flexible illumination and optic accesses needed in PIV and PTV measurements. The channel has a uniform cross-section of 15x26 cm^2 (width x height). A cavity with volumn 17x15x10 cm^3 (length x width x height) is designed below the test section to house the fish container or cylindrical obstacles.

The flow speed can be changed by changing the rotational speed of the paddle wheel, typically 1 ~ 3 rpm, corresponding to velocity range of 0~30 cm/s.

Key parameters

Parameter Quantity
Cross-section (w x h) 15 x 26 cm^2
Cavity column (l x w x h) 17 x 15 x 10 cm^3
Velcoity range 0 ~ 30 cm/s



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