About the Project

The project goal is to develop an instrumentation system that will allow simultaneous characterization of the motion of plankton, small fish, and the surrounding fluid within a complex hydrodynamic environment. 

This system quantifies evolving 3D motion of both organisms and fluid over a range of spatial scales in a non-intrusive manner.  The system also has high temporal resolution, enabling the observation of rapidly occurring flow events and behavioral reactions. This enables the study of trophic interactions and ultimately reasons behind variations in productivity and biomass in the sea.

The investigation of this project is being carried out in three parts. The copepod-fish interaction was investigated first. Cylinder obstacle related turbulence was investigated next, and was used to measure the response of copepod in order to determine the escape threshold of copepod and maintain the experiment under a more controllable condition. Currently, the interaction between copepod and the turbulence produced by a fractal grid is under investigation.


Investigation Structure

Predator-Prey Interaction

Copepod-Fish Interaction

Copepod-Turbulence Interaction

Cylinder Obstacle Related Turbulence


Fractal Grid Generated Turbulence

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