Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Computers and Calculators

There is nothing in the BAEM program that requires a specialized laptop or desktop computer. The main applications used by our students are office suites (Word, Excel and Powerpoint or equivalents) and Matlab. So you could check the requirements to run Matlab when thinking about the purchase of a computer. There is wireless network available over most of campus, so a laptop can be used anywhere.

Computers are available in the CSE computer labs that have packages installed that are too big or expensive for personal computers. Your are given personal disk space on the CSE servers that you can access from these machines or over the internet. Note that the CSE Technology Fee that supports the labs also gets you student versions of Matlab and Mathematica at no additional cost.

Most students have some sort of calculator, which is often a graphing calculator, but you might buy one that would be allowed for the professional engineering exam if you think you might be taking any tests that allow the use of a calculator.

We don't have any classes that require you to have your own computer in class. You will find a calculator useful on exams. For exams your calculator must not have any communications capabilities (so you can't use a smart phone app for example). And some instructors require calculators to be graphing or less -- ones that can store images, etc, may not be allowed. So don't get too fancy a calculator.

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