Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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So you want to be a Rocket Scientist?

What to do with a degree in Aerospace Engineering

A Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (BAEM) degree can certainly start you on your way to becoming a rocket scientist, but it can lead you in many other directions as well. Alumni of the AEM department have jobs in many different engineering fields. The key to the versatility of the BAEM degree is in the mechanics part of the degree. Although the topics discussed in most of the AEM Department's courses relate to aeronautical or aerospace applications, they are approached from a fundamental point of view. That is, when you are told about the lift equation for a wing, you are also given the fluid mechanics background that was used to derive the equation. Why is this important? It's important because the rapid rate of change in technology today requires an engineer to learn new ideas to keep up with the state of the art developments. If an engineer knows the basics of mechanics, which is the fundamental science of engineering, then he or she can learn new technology much faster. Someone who knows only specific formulae and not the mechanics behind them is at a disadvantage in today's world.

If you are interested in the aerospace profession, additional information can be obtained from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the principal technical society serving the aerospace profession, and Aviation Week, the major voice of the aerospace industry.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities for AEM Majors are found not only at traditional aerospace companies, but also within a variety of other engineering and scientific fields, including many areas of mechanical engineering. A few examples of organizations employing recent BAEM graduates are:


On to Graduate School?

A BAEM degree is a great place to start if you are thinking of going on to graduate school in a wide range of programs. Recent AEM alumni have obtained graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanics, Public Policy, and of course Aerospace Engineering. Other alumni have obtained professional degrees in Business, Medicine, and Law.

In graduate school, much more attention is focused on understanding the basics behind the engineering analysis learned at the undergraduate level. By stressing the fundamentals of mechanics in the AEM courses, the BAEM program gives a student a head start in graduate school.

Further Information 

For further undergraduate admissions information, to request an application packet or to apply on-line, go to:

You can address specific questions about the undergraduate program to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the AEM Department. For additional information about Graduate programs in AEM, contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

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