Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

Year Specific Advising Instructions

Seniors | Juniors | Sophomores

The following year specific advising instructions apply directly to students who are completing the four-year BAEM program on schedule. If you are taking longer to complete the degree you should also check the information for the other years as it may also apply to you.

On-line APAS Reports should be used to help you plan the courses you will take and ensure that you will meet all the graduation requirements.

You may find the BAEM Advising Worksheet (PDF) useful to plan your classes.

Seniors during 2018-19

NOTE: If you have AP or transfer credit for freshman writing (WRIT 1301) you will need to request a permission number via the SRS for AEM 4602W and AEM 4303W.

Available AEM technical electives are listed on the summary of course offerings. Consult the restrictions on technical electives while you are choosing these courses. Note that it is possible to minor in Astronomy by taking AST 2001 as one of your technical electives.

To check that you have fulfilled all the requirements for the degree get an On-line APAS Report. Once you are registered for spring you should check that your APAS shows all Green (OK and IP), which indicates that you are on track to graduate in May.

Graduating seniors need only fill out an electronic Application for Undergraduate Degree with the Registrar's office. This form is due early in the semester in which you plan to graduate, so make sure you get it in on time, see the degree application deadlines. There is no separate form that needs to be filed with the Department.

Juniors during 2018-19

Taking AEM 3101, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Aerospace Engineering, in the fall will provide you with tools that will help you in all your courses, not just the ones that specifically require 3101.

Be sure to get the EE courses done in the Fall semester and don't worry if you took FORTRAN or Java instead of C; you won't be the only one who did so. AEM 4601, Instrumentation Lab, will give you enough background in C programming to allow you to do the labs.

Transfer students should take AEM 2301 in the Spring instead of AEM 4301. Orbital Mechanics, which can then be taken during your senior year without causing any prerequisite problems. It is also possible to take AEM 4301 in your junior year if you think you can handle the load. This should be discussed with AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Students wishing to graduate with Latin Honors are required to do an Honors thesis. You should have worked out a plan to do your thesis with a faculty adviser by the end of your junior year in order to leave enough time to complete your thesis. Additional information on the Latin Honors can be found here.

Sophomores during 2018-19

You must pass CHEM 1061/65, PHYS 1302W, MATH 2374 (or equivalents) and AEM 2011 to be admitted to the BAEM Major. These courses can be in progress when you do the on-line application to the Major.

You should be sure to take AEM 2012 in the spring, as this is a prerequisite for junior level courses. If you are taking AEM 2011 in the spring, you can take AEM 2012 over the summer to get back on track. You should also take AEM 2301 in the spring if possible, but it can be put off until your junior year if need be.

Remember that the separate Statics (AEM 2011) and Dynamics (AEM 2012) courses are required for the BAEM. If you took the combined course (AEM 2021) you will be required to also take either AEM 2011 or AEM 2012 (your choice). The combined course AEM 2021, does count in place of AEM 2011 for applications to the Major and meets the prerequisites for junior year courses that require AEM 2012.

If you are ahead in your course work and want to take some courses from the junior year of the BAEM 4-year plan, EE 3005/6 is a good choice. Deformable Body Mechanics, AEM 3031, is not a good choice because AEM 4501 Aerospace Structures is really a second course in deformable body mechanics and thus it's best to have these courses in consecutive semesters. In addition the spring semester is the busy term for AEM 3031 as all the ME students take it that semester. If you have already taken AEM 2012 Dynamics and Differential Equations you could also take AEM 4301 Orbital Mechanics in the spring of your sophomore year.

Honors students that took PHYS 1401V and 1402V should take PHYS 2503H as their third physics course.

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