Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

Restrictions on Upper Division Technical Electives

(Astronomy (astrophysics) Minor Information is here.)

Three courses (9 credits) of upper division technical electives are required. Generally the elective requirement is met by selecting non-required 3xxx, 4xxx, and 5xxx courses offered by Engineering Departments; some courses from Mathematics or Science Departments are also acceptable. There are exceptions and additions to this rule which are the subject of this Section.

One technical elective course may be 2xxx or above, while the other two must be 4xxx or above.

In particular, no course which is equivalent to a course required in the BAEM program may be used as an elective in the BAEM program; no 1xxx level Science or Mathematics course may be used; and no 1xxx level Engineering course may be used. Use of 2xxx and 3xxx level courses are subject to the restrictions below.

  • Restrictions on use of 2xxx-3xxx Level Courses as Technical Electives: One of the three technical electives may be replaced by one and only one of the following: (If you take more than one such course, the extra credits cannot be counted toward the degree requirements.)
    1. The second semester of Chemistry: CHEM 1062 (lecture) and CHEM 1066 (lab) or equivalent.
    2. A 2xxx-3xxx level Mathematics, Science or Engineering Course, such as AST 2001-see Minor in Astronomy.
    3. A 3xxx level computation course such as CE 3101.
    4. A 3xxx level statistics course such as STAT 3021.

  • Other General Restrictions on Technical Electives:
    1. No 1xxx level Mathematics or Natural Science course (such as AST 1001) is acceptable.
    2. Only one programming course may be used toward the BAEM; thus an AEM student will not be given credit toward the degree for courses in more than one of FORTRAN, Pascal, or C/C++, etc. The recommended programming course is CS 1113, C/C++.
    3. The following 3xxx level Engineering courses contain material already covered in required courses and so are not acceptable as Technical Electives: CE 3502, ME 3332. These are essentially contained in the required AEM 4201. Also, CE 3202 (Surveying) is not suitable.
    4. BAE 4744 and IOFT 4101 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. In addition, IE 5513, and most other IE courses, are not suitable.
    5. No courses from the School of Management may be used as Technical Electives. This includes similar courses such as CE 4101 and IE 5541, Project Management.
    6. Only 3 credits of AEM 4796/4896, Professional Experience (before fall 2015, see below), or AEM 4295, 4495, or 4595, Independent Study, or AEM 4894H, Senior Honors Thesis, may be counted towards the 9 credits of technical electives. In addition all global seminar courses fall into this category.
    7. History of Science courses and such courses cross listed in other departments do not count as technical electives (but are good choices for your Liberal Education Electives).
    8. Only one "build" course may be used as a technical elective. These courses include AEM 4333, AEM 4391, AEM 5333 and any special topics offered (in 4x95 classes) the involve building a project.
    9. Technical elective courses must be taken A-F (as all degree requirements must be).
    10. AEM 3100 topics do not count for technical elective credit.
    11. Starting Fall 2015: AEM 4796/4896, Professional Experience will not count as a technical elective.

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