Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

Technical Electives

The BAEM program requires three technical electives (9 credits total). These electives may be from any department as long as they meet the Restrictions on Technical Electives. All the possible (but not necessarily offered) AEM technical electives are listed below by area. To see when these courses are offered by the AEM Department, see the AEM Technical Elective Offerings page of this guide.

Our advice is to pick electives of interest to you. It is good to be able to explain your rational for picking tech electives to prospective employers, but trying to guess what electives they might care about is not a good criteria. Employers want to see enthusiasm from students about the subjects they study.

Note that 5000 level AEM courses are generally more challenging and typically have a significant number of graduate students enrolled. Math 4000 level courses also fall into this category, however, the ME Department has all its senior technical electives listed at the 5000 level.

Fluids Technical Electives

Aerospace Systems Technical Electives

Structures and Solids Technical Electives

Professional Experience

Note that AEM 4796 and 4896 do not count as technical electives. They are only for students doing internships who need to maintain full time student status for financial aid or other reasons.

University Honors Program

Note that 5xxx level courses count as both technical electives and honors experiences, which includes the courses 5247, 5253 and 5581 that have 4xxx level versions that undergraduates typically take. You will need a permission number to register for these courses.

Courses From Other Departments

Courses from the CSCI, EE, MATH, MATS, ME and PHYS departments, to name a few, may be used as technical electives if they meet the Restrictions on Technical Electives. These courses can double count toward a Minor as well.

May Term Study Abroad Courses

Note that you are limited to one independant study (xx9x) course as a technical elective, see Restrictions on Technical Electives.

Space Science Courses

  • AST 2001* - Introduction to Astrophysics (prerequisite required PHYS II, see Minor in Astronomy)
  • PHYS 3022* - Introduction to Cosmology (prerequisite of PHYS 2601* Quantum Mechanics)
  • PHYS 4611 - Introduction to Space Physics (prerequisite PHYS 4002 - Electricity and Magnetism, contact the instructor about the PHYS 4001 prerequisite and using AEM 2012 to meet it)

Technical Electives that also satisfy the Technology and Society Theme

  • BBE 2201* - Renewable Energy and the Environment
  • FR 3131* - Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Natural Resources

* Note that you are limited to one technical elective below 4000 level, see Restrictions on Technical Electives.

Math Courses to Consider

Especially if you plan to continue in school, you can never take enough math, so you might want to consider the following applied math courses as technical electives.

  • MATH 4242 - Applied Linear Algebra
  • MATH 4428 - Mathematical Modeling
  • MATH 4512 - Differential Equations with Applications
  • MATH 4567 - Applied Fourier Analysis
  • MATH 4603 - Advanced Calculus I
  • MATH 4604 - Advanced Calculus II
  • MATH 4606 - Advanced Calculus
  • NOTE: 5xxx Level Math classes are quite difficult
  • MATH 5467 - Introduction to the Mathematics of Image and Data Analysis
  • MATH 5485 - Introduction to Numerical Methods I
  • MATH 5486 - Introduction To Numerical Methods II
  • MATH 5525 - Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MATH 5535 - Dynamical Systems and Chaos
  • MATH 5583 - Complex Analysis
  • MATH 5587 - Elementary Partial Differential Equations I
  • MATH 5588 - Elementary Partial Differential Equations II

There are more courses, see the MATH course catalog

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