Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

BAEM Semester Program Prerequisite Chains

The proper sequence for the required courses for the BAEM degree can be obtained from following prerequisite chains. It is most important that the courses shown below be taken on schedule, because other courses in the program depend on them. Students are not allowed to take courses without first taking the required prerequisites.

Note that this does not show courses that are not prerequisites or technical electives. The course locations in each year represent the typical semester during which each course will be offered, except for the Freshman year.

Color Key:
Red: Critical Courses for on time graduation
Blue: Math Courses
Green: Courses that may be taken a year later (typically by transfer students)

For Students Entering Fall 2013 or Later:

Prerequisite Chains Diagram

For Students Graduating May 2014 or eariler

Prerequisite Chains Diagram

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