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BAEM Advising Guide

On-Line One Year Plans

The one year plan forms and required advisor meetings have been replaced by an on-line system. This system will let you enter your plans and have an advisor review them electronically. You may still request to have an in-person advising session with your adviser if you want.

Note: Plans are entered electronically by term and you must enter plans for both the Fall and Spring terms. Plans for summer terms only need to be entered if you plan on taking courses in the summer term. If you are graduating after the fall term, you need only enter a plan for that term.

One year plans are now part of the Department Student Records System (SRS) that you have have been using to view your grades and download laboratory files. A One Year Plans link has been added to the lower right side of the main menu to allow you to view your one year plans, see advisor comments on your plans and enter new plans as shown below:

SRS Menu Image

When you click on the One Year Plans link you are presented with a summary page of your academic progress and any plans you have made. To create a plan for a term, click on the link at the bottom of the summary page. You will be asked to select a term and then you will be presented with the Term Plan Entry Form shown below.

Term Plan Entry Form

The different types of entries are:

Add Required Class
These boxes let you choose from the courses required for your degree that are being offered this term.
Add Technical Elective Class
These boxes let you choose from the Department courses that fulfill the technical elective requirements. NOTE: These do not include out of Department classes that may be counted as technical electives. Enter these classes using the Other Technical Elective Classes and Comment fields.
Other Technical Elective Classes
Use this to indicate technical electives from other departments. Please indicate in the comments what these classes are.
Liberal Education Classes
Enter the number of liberal education classes you will be taking this term. It is up to you to make sure you meet the liberal education requirements.
Comments to Your Advisor
Anything you think your advisor should know. For example if you plan to be away from the University doing an internship or study abroad.
Expected Graduation
Enter the term and year that you plan to be your last before your get your degree. This needs only be your best guess and is not binding.
Request an Appointment with Your Advisor
If for any reason you want to directly talk to your advisor you may set this option to yes and your advisor will contact you about setting up an appointment. You may also always contact your advisor separately for an appointment at any time. Each time you submit a plan with this option changed to yes from no an e-mail is sent to your advisor, so please only select it for one term.
Check this box before you click the submit button to confirm you want to submit your term plan.

You may go back and modify your plans at any time by clicking on the term-year (fall 2005, for example) link on the plans summary page. If you modify an already approved plan, it will need to be approved again.

Even if you plan to be away from the University, on an internship or study abroad, please enter this in the comments field and submit a plan for each term you will be away.

Approval of Plans

Your advisor will review your plans on-line. You will receive an e-mail when your advisor either approves your plans or enters comments about your plans. The plans summary page will also show the advisors comments and if your plans have been approved.

Accessibility Information

One year plans can be filed in alternative formats by people with disabilities. Direct requests to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or your advisor.

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