Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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This page lists some of the minors available on campus. Minors in Engineering, Math and sciences can often be completed while using some of their courses as technical electives for the BAEM program.

Minor in Astrophysics (previously called astronomy here)

Because PHY 2503, Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering III, (and its prerequisites) is required for the BAEM degree, the only additional requirement to obtain a minor in Astrophysics is to take AST 2001. This course can count as a technical elective for the BAEM degree, see Restrictions on Technical Electives.

To apply for this minor, you need to fill out a form, available from Prof. Bob Gehrz ( in Astronomy (Tate 285-04) and turn it in to the CLA college office in 49 Johnston Hall. This form needs to show that you have/will take AST 2001 and has Prof. Gehrs' signature.

Note that this minor also now requires a 4xxx level course which is met by AEM 4301 -- Orbital Mechanics

Computer Science and Information Technology Minors

See sections 2.3. Computer Science Minor and 2.4. Information Technology Minor of their Undergraduate Guide.

Management Minor

The Carlson School of Management offers a Management Minor and lists courses that are recommended for CSE majors taking this minor. Note that none of these courses count as technical electives for the BAEM. Click on the Recommended Courses tab to see the list of courses for CSE students.

Other Management Courses

There are various courses at the University that consider management issues, here is a partial list. Note that these courses do not count toward BAEM technical electives.

Mathematics Minor

All of the courses for this minor, which are listed on Math Minor Requirements, would count as technical electives for the BAEM.

CLA Physics Minor

See Physics Degree Handbook.

Certificate in Technical Communication

You cannot overstate the importance of communications (written, oral, visual and digital) to engineers, so the Department of Writing Studies offers Certificate in Technical Communication. A certificate is about half the work of a minor in technical communications, which they also offer.

Note that none of these courses count as technical electives for the BAEM. But if you need an additional WI course, some of them count for that.

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