Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Information for New Admits to the BAEM Major

Welcome to the BAEM Major. The menu at the left is for the BAEM Advising Guide that has lots of information to help you complete your BAEM degree successfully.

Because you have been admitted to our major in May or January, you have missed our advising for the next year which is done every March. To catch up with our advising process please follow the steps below.

  1. Read the BAEM Welcome Event Handout. You will be invited to our Welcome Event at the beginning of the spring semester, but you will need the information in this handout before then.
  2. Check that your acceptance to our Major has been processed in our on-line advising system called the SRS (this is the same system you used to apply for the BAEM major). It should show something like

    in the lower right side of the main menu. If it still shows you are in lower division, you will have to wait for your records to get updated and an AEM adviser assigned before you can complete the next step.
  3. Enter your course plans for next spring (assuming you are already registered for fall courses, if not enter a fall plan too) into the SRS. You can see the instructions in the BAEM Spring Advising E-mail for more information -- but note that there is not a hold on your records at this time.
  4. Your adviser is automatically notified when you submit your plans and will review your plan(s) to make sure that they will not cause any problems for your timely graduation.

If you have any questions, please contact your adviser or the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies. Your CSE College Adviser also continues to be available to assist you.

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