Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

AEM Intern Program

This program is now only for students that need to maintain full time status while doing an internship during a fall or spring semester. The courses AEM 4796 and 4896 no longer count as technical electives.

The Aerospace Engineering Intern Program provides students with an industrial experience during their junior and senior years. This experience helps students gain an understanding of an engineer's role in industry while earning technical elective credits.

Students apply for the Intern Program at the time they apply for upper division or after they have already been admitted. Students applying for the program should have a 2.7 or better GPA. Intern Program job opportunities are posted in Akerman Hall as they are received.

For 2017 internship opportunitites at NASA, click here.

Students pursue the job opportunities they are interested in, acquire a position, then register for the AEM 4796: Professional Experience course. This arrangement must be worked out with the Internship program coordinator in advance. AEM 4x96 carries 12 financial aid progress credits and thus can be used to keep full time status for students that need it for financial aid purposes.

The course grade is based on a written report due at the end of each work assignment. Work assignments may be full or part time during the Fall or Spring semester or over the summer.

The Intern Program may prolong the time it takes to get an AEM degree because most required AEM courses are offered only once per academic year. Students must work with their advisor to minimize this impact.

Leave of Absence

If you are doing an internship during a Fall or Spring semester (so you will not be taking classes that semester), you need to fill out a Undergraduate Leave of Absence Form and submit it to the CSE Advising office in 105 Lind Hall to keep your status active with the University. If you are taking AEM 4x96 to maintain full time status you do not need to fill out this form.

Sources of Further Information

Director of the Internship Program

The current Internship Director is Professor Thomas Schwartzentruber. Internship inquires can be send to Additional questions on the internship program can also be directed to the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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