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BAEM Advising Guide


As a BAEM student there is a large amount of information that you will need to know as you progress through your course work towards your graduation date. This document was assembled to assist you in this process and to provide you with the information you will need to know to effectively complete your degree. If you have any questions regarding the information in these pages, please feel free to contact your advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The menu to the left is the table of contents for the advising guide.

Fall 2018 Registration starts on April 12th, 2018

You will not be able to register until the advising (DS) hold on your record has been removed by getting your plans for next year approved. You have received an email regarding advising for next year, and plans for next year are being accepted.

You will receive an email about the process and here are a few things that might help:

BAEM New Majors Welcome Event

May Admits to the BAEM program should see the Welcome Information for BAEM New Admits.

The BAEM Welcome Event will be held on February 8th at 2:30-4pm in the Akerman Hall Hangar. All students admitted to the Major in January or May are invited to attend (you were sent an email). The BAEM Welcome Event Handout is available if you didn't make it or you can stop by Prof. Schwartzentruber's office in 222 to pick up the folder that was handed out.

One Year Plans are submitted on-line each spring.

Note that the following only applies to Upper Division BAEM students.

Advising for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 has started.

Please see the BAEM Spring Advising E-mail for instructions.

Each spring an advising hold is placed on your records. To remove this hold you must complete the BAEM advising process. The process starts with you submitting your plans for the next year using the on-line SRS (Student Records System). As part of this process you may request an appointment with your adviser. Once your have submitted your plans and your adviser has approved them, the hold will be removed from your records and you can register for fall classes. For more information see the instructions for this process.

Note on Duplicate Holds: If there are multiple DS holds on your record, they will all be removed when your plans for next year are approved.

Note for Graduating Seniors: This advising hold will not affect your graduation.

APAS Reports

These are used to clear you for graduation. When your report shows all green (OK) then you can graduate. You should check your APAS report shows all green (OK or IP) after you register for your last semester before you graduate. This will confirm that you will have all the courses needed to graduate once you complete your last semester. Any minors or second degrees should have their own APAS reports.

If your APAS report does not show your technical electives in the correct section or has other problems, contact the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies who can fill out an APAS correction form for you.

Full AEM Sections/Classes

We set our class sizes smaller that the room sizes to control enrollments. If an AEM section or class is full, request a permission number though the SRS and we can probably get you in. Note that if you can fit another section that is still open into your schedule, we will not give you a permission number for a closed section.

College Advising

Your lower division adviser will continue as your College Adviser after you move into the upper division BAEM program. Contact CSE Student Services to speak to your college adviser. Drop-in hours are 2-4pm M-F.

CSE Student Services and Career Center

They are located in 105 Lind Hall.

CSE Student Services are now located in 105 Lind Hall and can help you with filing petitions and issues related to non-AEM courses and requirements.

Magic Numbers and Holds

NOTE: If you have AP or transfer credit for any prerequisites to AEM courses you will need to request a permission number via the SRS as the registration system does not know about these courses. Select the reason for the permission number as that your APAS report shows the requirements are met.

The AEM Department issues Course Permission (magic) Numbers through our SRS on-line system. Please see Course Permission Number instructions for more details.

Also, if you believe you have an advising hold on your records erroneously, please also contact the Undergraduate Program Assistant in 107 Akerman or contact them by e-mail (contact the Undergraduate Program Assistant listed on the Staff Directory).

Do you know who your adviser is?

Note that the following only applies to Upper Division BAEM students.

If you do not know who your faculty adviser is, you may find out from the Department's Student Records System (SRS).

Read Your E-Mail!

You should be sure to check your central University e-mail account regularly. The announcements from the AEM Department and your instructors will be sent to this address. You can manage your central University E-Mail account by setting it to forward to another account, etc., from:

Email accounts and privacy

Note that advisers cannot reply to e-mails from non-University accounts about any issues that involve private information, such as your grades. Please sent advising and course related emails from your University email account.

Quick Links

Other useful advising related links are available here.

Accessibility Information

This guide will be made available in alternative formats for people with disabilities. Direct requests to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or your adviser.

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