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BAEM Advising Guide

BAEM Upper Division Honors Program

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) is the BAEM Upper Division Honors Program. The Honors Graduation requirements include Honors Experiences, a Thesis and a GPA above 3.5. Your GPA determines which Latin honors you get.

The AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies is also the BAEM UHP adviser.

To get Latin Honors, (summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude) awarded with your degree, you must be in UHP. You do not have to be in UHP to get with distinction or high distinction added to your degree automatically if you have a high enough GPA.

Post-Freshman Admission

It is possible to join the honors program later in your program if your GPA is above a 3.5, see Admission After Freshman Year for more information.

AEM Honors Courses

The following courses count as honors experiences for the UHP program. The Honors Research Seminar is designed to give juniors a class related honors experience. In the fall semester AEM faculty typically give introductions to their research in this seminar, so it is also a good way for you to learn about research opportunities in the Department. The Senior Honors Thesis course may also count as one of your technical electives (but note that this then means you have to get your thesis done to graduate).

In addition all AEM 5xxx level courses count as both technical electives and honors experiences, which includes the courses 5247, 5253 and 5581 that have 4xxx level versions that undergraduates typically take. You will need a permission number to register for these courses.

Other Honors Related Advising Notes

AEM Honors students that have taken PHYS 1401V and 1402V should take PHYS 2503H instead of PHYS 2303 (or 2503).

Additional Requirements for Summa Cum Laude

If you are meeting the UHP requirements for Summa Cum Laude, you need two additional readers for your thesis and to do a presentation of your work. The AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies is one of the additional readers and will also know who will be the third reader (you do not need to arrange the additional readers yourself). The presentation may be a poster displayed at the BAEM Graduation Reception in held every May on the last day of classes.

Note: Failing to complete the honors requirements will not affect your graduation unless you also plan to use AEM 4894H as a technical elective.

Degrees with Distinction Requirements

Degrees with Distinction are conferred automatically.

Requirements for Degrees with Distinction
Degree Required GPA
With Distinction 3.70
With High Distinction 3.90

UHP Requirements

Requirements for Latin Honors
Degree Min UD GPA† Thesis Required (U requirement)
cum laude 3.500 yes
magna cum laude 3.667 yes
summa cum laude 3.750 yes

† Calculated from last 60 semester hours of course work.

Required Thesis

All Latin Honors require a written thesis. You must find a faculty member to supervise the writing of your honors thesis. This thesis may be about research you have done with the faculty member or about some topic you have studied under the faculty member's guidance. Your thesis must be written solely for the purpose of satisfying the Honors Thesis requirement, it cannot be required for any other purpose (such as a UROP report, as part of class work-- other than AEM 4894H , or as part of an employment requirement). You may be paid to do the research discussed in the report, but you cannot be paid to write the report itself. Later publication of the thesis in a journal is acceptable and encouraged.

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