Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Graduating with a BAEM

The following steps are involved in the graduation process. You must complete the first two in order to graduate. There is nothing you need to do with our Department in order to graduate.

Meeting all Degree Requirements (required)

Check your APAS Report and when it shows all Green (OK and IP) then you will meet all your degree requirements once you pass the IP courses. Your APAS report is used by the University to determine if you have met your degree requirements, so it is the definitive source for this information. If there is a mistake on your APAS report contact the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies who can fill out an APAS correction form.

Note that your APAS report will also show any Minors or additional degrees and they use their APAS reports the same way as your BAEM degree to determine if you have completed them. You may complete multiple degrees in different terms.

Honors requirements are not degree requirements unless you need AEM 4894H to count as a technical elective. Check with your Honors adviser to make sure you have met all the requirements to graduate with Latin honors. You may decide to not graduate with Latin Honors at any time, but you will always get Distinction or High Distinction on your degree if you qualify.

Applying to Graduate (required)

You must apply to graduate for the term you will complete your degree, see OneStop Apply to Graduate Page for more information.

Sign up to attend CSE Commencement (optional)

You many attend CSE Commencement once near the end of your degree. It does not have to be in the term that you are completing your degree, but you do have to have already Applied to Graduate (above) before you can sign up. Commencement is only in May so if you are graduating at the end of the Summer or Fall terms you may also attend the May Commencement that is convenient for you. See CSE Commencement Page for more information and to sign up (which is done using our SRS).

Note that commencement is by college, so if you are getting a degree from another college, you should contact them for information on their ceremony.

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