Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

Dual Degrees

It is possible to get two degrees at the same time while attending the University of Minnesota. The following are the basic guidelines and then some specifics about a dual AEM/ME degree are given.

It is suggested that you have a meeting with the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies to make your plans for obtaining a dual degree.


  • You must meet all the requirements for both degrees, however, common requirements need only be taken once. For example:
    • Math, Physics and Chemistry courses taken count toward both degrees.
    • Liberal education requirements need only to be met once.
  • Required courses for one degree can be used as technical electives for the other degree provided they met the requirements for the technical electives for that degree.

Applying for a Second Major

Applcations for a second (or higher) major are only accepted in the Fall by the College. Contact your CSE adviser in 105 Lind to apply.

Comments on a Dual AEM-ME Degree

Note that the ME and AEM degrees are very closely related and thus are not particularly good candidates for a dual degree program. Other degrees, such as EE, CSCI, MATH or a science have much less overlap and add significantly more to your educational experience. If you really want more exposure to ME topics, consider taking some of their courses as Technical Electives or getting an MS degree in ME.

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