Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

AEM Semester Course Numbering

The AEM Department has attempted to follow the University course numbering guidelines whenever possible. This means that the leading 1, 2, 3 or 4 digit denotes the academic year in which courses will normally be taken. However, because graduate students from other departments take junior year BAEM required courses, almost all junior year courses have been given 4000 level course numbers. Courses listed as 5000 level are also available for undergraduates as technical electives, but are designed for first year graduate students and thus can be very challenging for undergraduates. Courses with numbers that end in a zero may be repeated for credit, while all other even numbered courses are the second course of a sequence. Note that other departments have different course numbering conventions.

Writing intensive courses now have a course number that ends with a W.

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