Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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BAEM Advising Guide

Summary of University Academic Policies

For a complete list of the University's academic polices see:

University is Enforcing Two Course Attempts Policy

See Repeating a course on OneStop. Exemptions are only granted by petition (they are not under the control of the instructor or the department), see your college adviser in 105 Lind Hall for information on submitting one.

A grade of C- or better is required in courses in the major.

This also means that you may not take any degree requirements S-N.

This requirement makes it necessary for you to receive a C- or better in any course required by the Department for a BAEM degree. This requirement covers all technical courses. Thus the only courses in which a D or D+ is still a passing grade are the CLE elective courses, which include freshman writing and biology. Note that D or D+ grades are still acceptable for prerequisite purposes, unless stated otherwise in the course prerequisites.

Credit and Grade Point Requirements for an Undergraduate (Baccalaureate) Degree policy limits S-N credits to 25% of those required for the degree (30+ for BAEM) -- but see the policy if you are a transfer student.

Tuitition is charged for 13 semester credits.

This applies to all students, unless you need less than 13 credits to graduate. There is a form on OneStop to apply for an exemption to this rule. Full time status required for financial aid is different and you should contact your financial aid adviser for more information. If you want to do an internship and still need to maintain full time status, you may take AEM 4796 or 4896, contact AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies for more information.

The maximum number of semester credits you can register without additional approval is 20.

To add a course beyond this limit you need to fill out the Academic Policy Petition (OneStop forms).

Leave of Absences -- Needed for missing a Fall or Spring semester

If you plan to be gone from the University for a semester (other than summer), you need to file a leave of absence plan. If you do not you will have to apply for readmission when you return.

A form to request a leave of absence is available at


There is now only one level of probation before suspension. Students who have a term or cumulative GPA less than 2.00 are put on Probationary Status. Students with term or cumulative GPA’s between 1.75 and 1.99 will be allowed to register on time if they submit letters from their instructors indicating satisfactory progress. Students with less than a 1.75 GPA will have to wait for grades to be posted before they can register for the next semester. All students on Probationary Status must fill out an E100 form. This form requires a signature of the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies. The E100 form and instructor letters should be turned into the Office of Student Affairs in 105 Lind Hall.

Students on Probationary Status whose cummulative GPA falls below 2.0 may have to wait a year before they can enroll in classes at the University again. This is called Academic Suspension.

Students on academic suspension can no longer register for extension classes.

If you are on academic suspension you will no longer be able to get around the suspension by taking extension courses. If you want to take courses, attend a local community or junior college.

Transfering Credits

You must take 15 of your last 30 credits here and can transfer at most half of your upper division credits. See Campus-Specific Credit Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees and Majors, Minors, and Certificates

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