Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AEM 4x96 count as a technical elective for the BAEM program?

Only if taken before Fall of 2015. Currently these courses do not count as technical electives and are only taken to maintain full time status during off-campus internships during the fall or spring semesters.

Will the AEM Department place me in an internship?

No, you need to find your own internship. We will notify students via e-mail when we hear of possibilities and you can check the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium website at for NASA related internships. A list of intern contacts can also be found here.

Should I check with my internship employer before registering for AEM 4796 or AEM 4896?

Yes, there may be issues with confidentiality of proprietary of classified information which the employer may not want revealed. These issues can often be resolved but it is essential that they be identified before registering for course credit.

What is the difference between an internship and a co-op?

An internship is usually a summer or part time position which does not affect your program of study. A co-op is typically a semester or year long full-time work experience which involves missing a significant amount of school. This will delay your graduation. We do not have a formal co-op program and very few students opt for a co-op, but we will work with you to arrange your academic program if we believe that the co-op experience will significantly enhance your educational experience. During the period which you are out of school you must make arrangements to maintain your student status (see the answer to the question about when to register for 4x96). If you are planning a co-op you must see the Internship Director and the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Do I need to take AEM 4796 or AEM 4896 if I have an internship?

Only for specific reasons. If your internship during the fall or spring semesters will not allow you to take classes and you need to maintain full time status, or if you are an international student visa regulations may require registration for AEM 4796 if the internship is in the United States.

What is the difference between AEM 4796 and AEM 4896?

The requirements are the same but AEM 4796 is for internships within the United States and AEM 4896 is for internships abroad.

Do I need to have an internship set up before I apply?

Yes, you need an entry-level engineering internship set up before you can apply to participate in the AEM Intern Program. Your direct supervisor must be an engineer or scientist with at least a Bachelors Degree in an engineering or scientific field. The work must be substantially equivalent to that performed by an entry-level engineer. You must provide significant detail in your application so that the Internship Director can evaluate the suitability of the work you will be performing. Your Application for Credit must be approved by the Internship Director before you will be allowed to register for either AEM 4796 or AEM 4896

Does the internship need to be full-time?

Yes. The internship program (course credit with a required report) is only for full time internships during the fall or spring semesters. Note that you are free to have a part time internship during the fall or spring semester while you also take classes on campus, this just does not need you to be part of this program.

Will a summer internship count for the program?

No, because you do not need to be registered for courses over the summer to maintain full time status. If you are an international student, you may need to register for this course to do an internship, contact the ISSS to check on this.

How much course credit can I get for an internship?

An internship experience (with appropriate forms/report) can count as credit for AEM 4796 or AEM 4896, an upper-division 3-credit course. But these courses do not count toward any BAEM degree requirements starting Fall 2015. But your grade in them does affect your GPA.

What do I have to turn in to get credit for an internship?

A 20-page final report and several forms must be completed to receive course credit for an internship. There are four forms to turn in: an Application for Credit, a Report Title Form, a Work Experience Survey, and a Performance Evaluation (to be completed by your internship supervisor). A detailed outline of the report required for AEM 4796 and AEM 4896 can be found here. This should answer most questions you may have. Note that the report will be graded on grammar, style, and graphical presentation of material as well as content.

When is the report due?

It is due by the start of finals week in the semester in which you are registered for the course. This is especially critical if you are planning to graduate after this semester as late reports may delay your graduation.

What if I cannot turn in report in by the due date?

It is good practice to finish the report immediately after you have completed the internship, but this happens frequently and if it does you will be given an Incomplete. Incomplete grades change to an F grade after one year, but either grade can be changed once you complete your report. If you are using AEM 4x96 to meet the BAEM degree requirements you will have to complete your report to graduate.

For which term should I register for AEM 4796 or 4896?

You need register for the these courses in the term (fall or spring) you are not on campus to maintain full time student status (for financial aid for example). AEM 4x96 carries 12 credits of financial aid status and thus by registering for just this course at the same time you do your internship you can maintain full time status (it also has 13 credits of tuition status, so you only pay for the 3 credits).

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