Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Internship/Co-op Job Contacts

Listed below are links to potential internship sponsors. You should go the links provided below to apply directly. Once you have a firm offer for your internship program employment, you can then start the process outlined on this web site.

You can also use the services offered through the Career Center for Science and Engineering in Lind Hall for identifying potential employers and arranging interviews.

Job Search Resource - - See Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students (Includes guidelines for letter writing and technical writing)

Potential Internship Sponsors

The National Center for Atmosphere Research Offers both Internship Opportuniy for Student from May -Aug 2016. See Summer Undergrad Program for Engineering Research (SUPER)
Raytheon Offers both Intern & Co-op Opportunites for Students. See Student Programs
The Aerospace Corporation Offers Summer Internships (Note: Best time to apply is in February.)
Cirrus Design Corporation Offers various Internships
Delta Offers Internships
UTC Aerospace Systems (formerly Goodrich Corporation Offers Internships
Boeing Offers Internships
Chrysler LLC Offers Internships
BAE Systems Offers Internships
Cessna Aircraft Company Offers Internships
NASA Offers both Internships & Co-op Programs and other student programs
See Also Link to MN Space Grant Consortium NASA Page
3M Offers Internships and Co-op Programs
Honeywell Offers both Internships & Co-op Programs and other student programs
Alliant Techsystems (ATK) Offers Internships
MTS Offers both Internships & Co-op Programs
Aero Systems Engineering May offer internships - send inquiry
Exxon Mobil Offers both Internships & Co-op Programs
Sandia National Laboratories Offers Internships
Alcatel-Lucent Technologies Offers both Internships & Co-op Programs
Princeton Satellite Systems Offers Internships
Air Force Offers Internships. May offer other programs as well. One example is the Space Scholars Program.
Lockheed Martin Offers Internships and Co-op Programs
The Wings Club Lists Internships
Department of Homeland Security Offers Internships
Navy Offers programs such as the Naval Research Engerprise Intern Program

Before the interview, students should study the company Web site. Students are trying to sell their abilities and should know the "customer." If a company application is required, it should be filled out neatly and brought to the interview. Students should dress for success. You might also want to check the Information on Finding a Job page from our advising guide.

Links to Interviewing Tips/Information

Quintessential Careers
Monster Interview Center

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