Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Because it takes a good student to take courses out of sequence without being overwhelmed, this program is not recommended for students who are experiencing academic difficulties.

Students should apply for the program early in the Spring semester of their sophomore or junior year for the Intern Program. The program usually begins during the subsequent Summer or Fall semester.

Participation Requirements

Starting Fall 2015 this program is only for students who need to maintain full time status for financial aid or other reasons while they do an off-campus internship during the Fall or Spring semesters. The courses AEM 4796 and 4896 no longer count for technical elective credit.

  • Upper division undergraduate status in good standing by the time the student begins the placement.
  • Completed all the program course requirements for years 1 and 2 of the BAEM program, including:
    • all first and second year mathematics
    • general chemistry
    • general physics
    • computer applications course
    • other program-specific courses
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better.
  • Bona fide offer of full-time industrial employment for an appropriate length of time. Your work experience must be of a technical nature roughly equivalent to an entry level engineering position, and your supervisor must be a degreed engineer, scientist, or mathematician. The CSE Career Services office in Lind Hall can assist a student with identifying potential employers and arranging interviews. AEM also has a web page of potential employers and opportunities.
  • International students must meet INS eligibility requirements and must secure approval from the University office of International Student Scholar Services prior to accepting a job offer.
  • Submission of an Application for Credit and Work Proposal when the student has received an offer of employment.
  • Once application is approved, student must register for AEM 4796 A/F.

Completion Requirements

The course grade is based on writing; work performance cannot be considered in assigning a grade.

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