Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Internship Program Forms

Application for Credit and Work Proposal

When you have found an internship, complete this form and return it to the AEM main office. You and a company representative or your supervisor will jointly fill out a proposed work plan for the semester of work. You will be registered for the course once your proposal is approved by the Intern Program Director.  If you do not submit this form, you WILL NOT get credit for the internship.

Report Title Form

The Report Title form is intended to remind you to start thinking about writing your report for the internship assignment and to ensure that the subject matter of your final report is appropriate for the grade. The title is reviewed by the Intern Director and you will be notified if your topic is not appropriate.

Work Experience Survey

Complete this form at the end of each semester. It is important because it is a primary source of information about what happened on site. Ratings and comments are summarized and are available at the main office. You may remain anonymous if you wish; however, you are encouraged to discuss your remarks with your supervisors and to make their responses available to anyone who asks.

Performance Evaluation

If your supervisor does not initiate a review, please request one by giving him or her this form. The information is used to screen for potential problems, but its primary function is to maintain good communications between the company, the student, and the Department.

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