Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Colloquium Attendance Policy

Graduate students are expected to attend the departmental colloquia on a regular basis as long as they are pursuing any graduate degree in residence. However, students must, at minimum, fulfill their seminar attendance requirements as stated for their degree.

To gain "attendance" credit a student must attend all of the colloquia offered for any particular semester. Students are allowed up to two absences per term. Attendance must be documented by signing the sheet circulated during the lecture.

Absence Substitutions

In extreme circumstances, a student who misses more than two AEM colloquium may substitute up to two seminars per semester with a seminar from another CSE department.

The student must document the substitution with a brief statement giving the department, date, speaker's name and affiliation, title and summary of the lecture. This statement/summary must be emailed to within one week of the substitute lecture.

Course Conflicts

A student with a class schedule that conflicts with regular colloquium attendance must present an acceptable option for meeting the requirement. Possible options might include post-ponement to a later semester, regular attendance at a national meeting of professional engineering society, alternative involvement with out-of-town colloquia speakers, and/or other acitivities which will broaden the student's awareness both technically and geographically.

Any such option for a single semester must be prepared in consultation with the student's adviser, approved in written form by the adviser, and presented to the DGS no later than the second week of the semester. The DGS may approve the option as is, approve it with modification, or reject it.

Seminar Schedules

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