Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Master's Degree Milestones & Progress

Important: You must apply to graduate on or before the first working day of the intended month of graduation. All requirements including coursework must be completed on or before the last working day of the intended month of graduation.

Master's Milestones and Progress Steps

Master's Degree should be completed in 2 years, and in no more than 3 years.

First Year

  • Fall Semester
  • Select Adviser and create preliminary plan for remaining courswork
  • Consider taking the Written Preliminary Exam (WPE) required for PhD students, often Master's students will take the exam in case they should decide to pursue a PhD
  • Take courses in preparation for the Written Preliminary Exam, if applicable
  • Spring Semester
  • Possibly take the Written Prelim Exam (WPE)
  • Must have adviser selected

Second Year

  • Fall Semester
  • The decision to continue to a PhD should confirmed at this time
  • Complete and submit your Degree Plan
  • Spring Semester
  • Complete coursework and either your thesis paper or project
  • Select Examining Committee for Final Exam, must be done at least one month prior to exam. For more information please see Master's Exam Process.
  • Request Graduation Packet. You must request the graduation packet by the 1st of the month you intend to graduate.
  • Schedule final exam. For more information please see Master's Exam Process.

On-Line Records and Degree Progress Tracking

  • View Department Records and progress towards degrees on-line. The database shows items such as: current adviser(s) and degree, entrance term, approved Graduate School forms, examination dates, WPE sections attempted/taken, seminar attendance, etc.
    • Please login in with your x500 and review the information at:
    • Click on the link View Your Department Records to see these records.
  • To make changes to your Degree Program form, file a petition form to request changes in course work to your program. If you wish to change your committee members, please email the AEM Department of Graduate Studies and we will make sure to forward it along to the Graduate School.

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