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Thesis Process & Submission

The master's Plan A thesis and doctoral dissertation (herein referred to as thesis) is not only a representation of a student's academic work, but also a reflection of the faculty adviser, the graduate program, and the University of Minnesota. Once a student has submitted his/her thesis to the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) office, it will be available for scholars worldwide. Professional and consistent presentation of such work is essential.

To search through dissertations and theses available from the UMN Libraries, click here.

All students who complete a thesis must file a digital copy of the thesis with the University in accordance with University standards. Students may request that the University embargo publication of the thesis for a limited period of time.

Submitting the Thesis

The thesis must be submitted online and approved by GSSP by 4 p.m. on or before the last business day of the intended month of degree completion. Any questions can be directed to Before beginning the submission process, the student must ensure that:

  1. The thesis is in its final version. Once submitted, revisions cannot be made unless the student is instructed by GSSP to do so.
  2. The full text of the thesis is in one file.
  3. The full text of the thesis is in PDF format.
  • If the text is not already in PDF format, a converter is available on ProQuest's submission site.
  • If the PDF converter is used, check the document for accuracy before uploading. (Note: it may take one or more days to receive the converted PDF. Please plan accordingly.)
  • The complete file size of the document is less than 1000MB (subject to change).
  • You must have an active email account to create a ProQuest account (Students must monitor that email on a regular basis).
  • Once the above steps have been completed, the thesis is submitted at

    For many more resources regarding thesis formatting and submission, visit the graduate school website, here.

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