Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Doctor of Philosophy Requirements

It is expected that a student should complete the PhD degree in 4-5 years, and in no more than 6 years.

  • 42 credits of coursework
  • 24 thesis credits (AEM 8888)
  • GPA of >3.0 for graduation
  • Minimum of active/registered status for five semesters
  • Four semesters of AEM Colloquium attendance
    • Can include semesters used to fulfill Masters requirement
  • Written Preliminary Exam
  • Preliminary Oral Exam
  • Final Oral Exam and Thesis

Course Guidelines

  • Minimum 12 credits of AEM courses at the 5xxx or 8xxx level
  • Minimum of 12 credits of non-AEM courses that pertain towards your degree
  • NO MORE than 8 credits total at the 4xxx level
  • NO MORE than 13 credits can be taken S/N
  • Masters coursework is included in progress to PhD
    • Excluding Plan A Thesis credits
  • No more than 6 seminar credits may be used
    • Seminar credits allowed in one credit modules only
    • Each Seminar credit counted must be different for example: AEM 8000, AEM 8400, CE 8200, CSDY 8899.
    • AEM 8000 can be used for credit only once.
  • At least one sequence in fluids, solids or dynamics
    • Basic Sequences
      • AEM 8201, 8202: Fluid Mechanics I, II
      • AEM 5401, 8411: Dynamics
      • AEM 5501, 5503: Solid Mechanics
    • Other sequences
      • AEM 5321, 5451, 8421: Controls
      • AEM 5253, 8253 Computational Fluid Mechanics

Doctoral Exams

Written Preliminary Exam (WPE):

The WPE is the first examination AEM doctoral students must pass to continue work towards their PhD. The WPE is offered once each year during the Spring Semester, typically the first Friday/Saturday in April.

After passing the exam, students MUST have an adviser before they are allowed to move on to their PhD degree.

More information is available here.

Preliminary Oral Exam (POE):

This exam must be passed before students are allowed to register for Doctoral Thesis credits.

A committee of at least four faculty members administers this oral exam. Three members should be from the AEM department, and one member should be from outside the department. The student, in consultation with his/her adviser, is responsible for forming the committee.

The exam usually includes a presentation of research plans and preliminary results. Students are then questioned about the research and material from graduate courses they have taken.

Students should take this exam as soon as most of their coursework is completed; that is, near the end of the second year or the beginning of the third year.

Final Oral Exam (Defense):

This exam consists of the student’s presentation and defense of his or her research.

A subcommittee of readers must approve the thesis before the exam is scheduled and, at the end of the exam, the full committee must accept the thesis.

The committee must contain at least four members, including three from the AEM department and one from outside the Department.

Graduate School Requirements

Students are responsible for satisfying both the program and the Graduate School requirements for degree completion.

See also Graduate School : Degree Completion Steps:Doctoral Degree Information.

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