Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Graduate Minor in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Admission Prerequisites | Program Requirements | Required Courses | Program Sub-plans | How to add a minor

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in aerospace engineering and mechanics. The graduate programs emphasize engineering sciences that are basic to fluid mechanics, aerospace systems, and solid mechanics. Theoretical, analytical, experimental, and computational aspects of these fields are covered by the courses and research opportunities offered by the department.

  • Length of program in credits (master's): 6
  • Length of program in credits (doctoral): 12
  • This program does not require summer semesters for timely completion.

Prerequisites for Admission

A four-year B.S. degree in an engineering, basic science, or mathematics program is required. Admission depends primarily on the applicant's undergraduate record and letters of recommendation.

Program Requirements

  • Use of 4xxx courses towards program requirements is not permitted.
  • The minor in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics requires 6 credits in AEM courses for the master's minor and 12 credits in AEM courses for the doctoral minor.
  • One course sequence in one of the following research areas must be included: fluids, solids, dynamics, controls, or computational fluid dynamics.
  • Courses cross listed with AEM courses must be registered for under the AEM course designation to be counted towards a minor.
  • Required Courses

    One course sequence must be included for either a master's minor or a doctoral minor.


    • AEM 8201 - Fluid Mechanics I (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 8202 - Fluid Mechanics II (3.0 cr)


    • AEM 5501 - Continuum Mechanics (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 5503 - Theory of Elasticity (3.0 cr)


    • AEM 5401 - Intermediate Dynamics (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 8411 - Advanced Dynamics (3.0 cr)


    • AEM 5321 - Modern Feedback Control (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 5451 - Optimal Estimation (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 8421 - Robust Multivariable Control Design (3.0 cr)

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    • AEM 5253 - Computational Fluid Mechanics (3.0 cr)
    • AEM 8253 - Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics (3.0 cr)

Program Sub-plans

Students are required to complete one of the following sub-plans. Students may not complete the program with more than one sub-plan.

Master's Minor

At least 6 credits in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics are required, including one sequence of two 5xxx or 8xxx courses.

Doctoral Minor

At least 12 credits in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics are required, including one sequence of two 5xxx or 8xxx courses.

How do I add a minor?

A minor can be added by including the minor and related coursework on the Graduate Degree Plan form. The Graduate Degree Plan can be online at: You should fill out the form as completely as possible in consultation with your adviser, who must approve and sign it. The completed form should be given to the Graduate Studies Assistant in 107 AkerH, who will then provide it to the DGS for approval and send it to the Graduate School. Final approval of the Graduate Degree Plan is done by the Graduate School. After approval by the Graduate School, this becomes your official program, and all items listed on the degree plan must be fulfilled before the degree will be awarded. A revised degree plan may be submitted at a later date if a number of changes are required, but only if approved by the adviser(s) and DGS. If only minor changes are necessary, a petition form should be used. In addition, petition forms can be obtained online at

Note: The Minor Graduate Degree Plan form must be approved by the Graduate Program where the minor is being obtained besides getting the approval of the Graduate Program where you are getting your major.

Information on various minors and minor degree requirements can be found on-line in the University Catalog at:

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