Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Master of Science Requirements

The program emphasizes coursework in engineering sciences that are basic to this field: fluid mechanics, aerospace systems, and solid mechanics. Options include coursework in aerodynamics and aerospace systems, dynamical systems, material properties, and fluid and solid behavior. It is expected that a student should complete the M.S. degree in 2 years, and in no more than 3 years.

  • 30 total credits
  • GPA of >2.8 for graduation
  • Two semesters of AEM Colloquium attendance
    • You must attend two semesters worth of seminar, you do not necessarily need to enroll in the course both semesters

Plan Type

  • Plan A which invovles independent research, completion of a thesis and a final oral.
    • AEM 8777 -- 10 thesis credits
  • Plan B which invovles a completion of a project and a final oral.
    • AEM 8880 -- 3 credits Final Project
  • Plan C which invovles coursework ONLY.
    • There is no final exam

Course Guidelines

  • Minimum 14 credits of AEM courses
    • At least 12 of these credits must be at 5xxx or 8xxx level
  • Minimum of 6 credits of non-AEM courses that pertain to your degree
  • Plan A - 10 credits or Plan B - 3 credits
  • NO MORE than 8 credits at the 4xxx level.
  • NO MORE than 8 credits (6 for Plan A) can be taken S/N.
  • No more than 4 seminar credits may be used.
    • Seminar credits allowed in one credit modules only.
    • Each Seminar credit counted must be different, for example: AEM 8000, AEM 8400, CE 8200.
    • AEM 8000 can be used for credit only once.
  • Required Courses

  • At least one sequence in fluids, solids or dynamics.
    • AEM 8201, 8202: Fluid Mechanics I, II
    • AEM 5401, 8411: Dynamics
    • AEM 5501, 5503: Solid Mechanics

    Additional Major Courses

  • Take an additional 8 credits in AEM. The following sequences in controls or computational fluid mechanics may be used, or any other AEM courses chosen in consulation with adviser.
    • AEM 5321, 5451, 8421: Controls
    • AEM 5253, 8253 Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • Minor or Related Field

  • For all plans, take a minimum of 6 credits in a minor or in related fields outside of AEM.

Graduate School Requirements

Students are responsible for satisfying both the program and the Graduate School requirements for degree completion.

See also Graduate School: Degree Completion Steps: Master's Degree Information.

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