Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM Graduate Program Handbook

Department Introduction

Message from the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)

This handbook is designed to help ease your transition into the AEM graduate program. It provides helpful information on programs, policies, and logistics in the AEM Department, the University, and the Graduate School. In addition, AEM Graduate students should be familiar with the contents of the following University guidelines and resources:

This document is addressed to students already admitted to the Graduate Program in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics but may have some information that is of interest to those applying for admission.

If you have questions, consult this handbook first, then please come to the department office in 107 Akerman Hall and speak with the Director of Graduate Studies Assistant or e-mail

Best wishes for success during your period of study here!

AEM Director of Graduate Studies (click for contact information)

These notes provide unofficial guidelines for the graduate programs in the AEM department. They contain information about department policies that are not contained in the Graduate bulletin, which is the official source on general requirements for graduate degrees.

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