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Graduate Degree Plan (GDP)

Graduate education policy requires every graduate student to file a graduate degree plan for each degree for which he/she is a candidate. On the graduate degree plan the student must list:

  • Completed coursework
  • Projected coursework (courses the student plans to take to complete their degree)
  • Transfer courses

The Graduate Degree Plan Form is available at:

The GDP is filled out in consultation with the advisor, who then must approve it. If a minor is stated on the GDP, the Director of Graduate Studdies (DGS) of the minor graduate program must also approve it. The GDP is reviewed by the AEM Graduate Program Assistant who will then give it to the DGS for review and approval. Students should bring their Degree plan forms to the main office in 107 AkerH. Once the form is approved by the DGS, it will then be send to the Graduate Student Services and Progress Office.

When reviewing a GDP, staff will use this checklist to verify the following:

  • The student has active student status
  • The student has met minimum program-specific course requirements.
  • If applicable, the student has met program-specific second language requirements.
  • Student has indicated correct plan type
  • All coursework completed post-baccalaureate
  • Student has not included any ineligible coursework (i.e., audited courses, withdraws, undergraduate-level coursework, and courses graded below C-)
  • Coursework requirements
  • Transfer limits or credits in common
  • S/N limits
  • GPA requirements

Note: All transfer international coursework must be reviewed by Graduate Admissions in the Graduate School. First, submit a GDP including international coursework to the AEM Graduate program, who will review and send it to Graduate Admissions in the Graduate School. Upon this review, the GDP is sent back to the AEM program, where it is verified by the College. The completed GDP is sent to Graduate Student Services and Progress.


Once it has been submitted, a student must strictly conform to the graduate degree plan. If there is need to deviate from it, the graduate degree plan can be changed by petition. The petition is a special form available online. The petition should list the courses to be added and/or removed and must again be approved by the advisor, the DGS, the DGS of the minor field (if a minor has been formally declared) and then submitted to the GSSP office.

A student desiring a time extension should complete the form stating a cogent reason why the extension should be granted. Any request for a time extension should be filed before the time limit has expired and is to be signed by the advisor, the DGS of the minor field if a minor is declared and the DGS before being sent to the GSSP office for entry.

Graduate School Requirements

Students are responsible for satisfying both the program and the Graduate School requirements for degree completion.

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