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Registration Steps -- New Students

  1. Obtain student ID card.
  2. All new interrnational students --check in the International Student and Scholars Office; 190 Hubert H. Humphrey Center, West Bank.
  3. Meet with Director of Graduate Studies to establish first semester's courses.
  4. Follow the registration procedures on OneStop.

Registration Steps -- Current Students

Graduate student registration occurs at the beginning of the registration period for each semester, this registration period will change each semester. Students can check their registration queue through their myU homepage or through OneStop . If a class is closed students may sign up on the waiting list as long as the waitlist remains open

Students must maintain "active" status throughout their graduate career. This includes registration in Fall and Spring terms each year. This requirement can be satisfied with coursework, or registering for one of the graduate student Special Registration Categories listed on the OneStop registration options. Students not registered every semester are considered to have withdrawn and their Graduate School records are deactivated. If a student has not registered, they must apply for readmission and must register before they can resume work on a master or doctoral thesis or master Plan B paper, take written oral examinations, or file for graduate. The Department reserves the right to reject a readmission application based on academic performance and other factors.

Registrations must be done before the first day of class. Registrations that occur any later will be assessed late registration fees that are the responsibility of the student.

If you need to make changes to your registration please know the policies in advance:

Prior to registering, students are encouraged to consult with their advisers regarding which courses they plan to take. First year students are typically advised by the Director of Graduate Studies, unless they have a pre-determined advisor.

The University requires that graduate students holding appointments as teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and administrative fellows register for at least 6 credits during each term which he or she holds an appointment of greater than 12.5%. (This rule does not apply to summer terms if you were registered the preceding spring quarter.) Each student should check to make sure they satisfy other criteria for full-time status (i.e., some student loan deferrals require 7-credit registrations) that may apply to financial aid.

Doctoral students must register for 24 doctoral thesis credits (AEM 8888) at the University of Minnesota beginning the semester after they have passed the preliminary oral exam. This is a departmental policy. The requirement of 24 doctoral thesis credits cannot be reduced by transfer of master's thesis credits, or thesis credits taken at another institution.

International Students:

Under SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), it is important that all international students maintain full-time enrollment for the duration of each semester. Students who fail to maintain a full course load will be in violation of federal regulations and will be reported to INS. Except under special circumstances, students who violate their visa status will be required to leave the U.S. and make a new entry to regain legal status.

International students enrolled for the FTE course will be reported as maintaining a full-time course of study. Audit courses do not count toward full-time enrollment for international students. International students may audit courses, but must be registered for at least 6 additional course or thesis credits. International students not enrolled full-time need to submit an "Exception from Full Course of Study" form to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). These forms must be submitted before the semester begins to avoid being reported as not enrolled or enrolled part-time.

ISSS (,, 612-626-7100, 190 Humphrey) is the office dedicated to serving the University of Minnesota's international community and should be consulted regarding any questions concerning student visa status. International students are encouraged to subscribe to the ISSS Weekly Update. Each week an update is sent by email. The updates consist of announcements regarding changes and news about INS regulations, dates of workshops and information sessions, and important deadlines.

Registration -- Special Categories

GRAD 999

GRAD 999 is a zero credit/no fee class that will maintain a student's active status with the Graduate School. However, it will not maintain fulltime status for anything else such as a paid appointment (RA or TA), visa status, or deferred student loans. International students can get a waiver from ISSS to register for GRAD 999, but must check with ISSS before registering

Once all degree requirements have been completed, but active status needs to be maintained to graduate, GRAD 999 can be registered for. After a student's second registration for GRAD 999 a hold will be placed on their record. If a student is making continuous progress towards their degree a permission number may be granted for additional registrations of GRAD 999. If continuous progress in not being made, a Leave of Absence should be considered.

NOTE:Do not register for Grad 999 if you must be registered to hold an assistantship, be registered to maintain legal visa status, defer loans, or receive financial aid.

8333 Advanced Masters Status

8333 is a one-credit registration option for eligible master's students who must certify full-time status to be in compliance with requirements of the University and/or external agencies (e.g., employment as a graduate assistant; loan deferment). Students eligible for 8333 can be employed in one of the low-tuition/low-fringe job classes.Eligible students will need to complete a application for 8333 Advanced Masters's Status which will need to be reviewed and approved by the DGS prior to registration. Students need to make sure that they allow enough time to process the application.

8444 Advanced Doctoral Status

8444 is a one-credit registration option for eligible doctoral students who must certify full-time status to be in compliance with requirements of the University and/or external agencies (e.g., employment as a graduate assistant; loan deferment). Students eligible for 8444 can be employed in one of the low-tuition/low-fringe job classes. Eligible students will need to complete a application for 8444 Advanced Doctoral Status which will need to be reviewed and approved by the DGS prior to registration. Students need to make sure that they allow enough time to process the applicaiton.

For more information on registration requirements, Grad 999, or FTE, please see

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Graduate students are expected to maintain active status through continuous registration from the time they matriculate until their graduation. Students who are not able to maintain active status are strongly encouraged to consult with the DGS, their adviser, and the Graduate Student Services and Progress Office to determine whether requesting a leave of absence is the most appropriate course of action. If applicable, graduate students should also check with the International Student and Scholars Office, the Office of Student Finance, and the Graduate Student Employement Office to see how this impacts their status.

In order to apply for a leave of LOA a student must complete the LOA form and have it signed by their adviser. Then, submit the completed form to Nicole McCarthy in the AEM main department office, 107 AkerH. She will obtain the signature of the DGS. A student may request a leave for up to 2 academic years.

Graduate student who are ready to return from the LOA need to contact the Nicole McCarthy in the AEM Main office for matriculating back into the Graduate Program to see what steps will need to be followed. Graduate students willl need to submit the Application for Reinstatement for Graduate Students prior to their intended term of return. Graduate student are required to return by the date specified on the LOA form, or earlier. Student are then matriculated back into the program, and resume their studies. Students do not need to apply for readmission or pay a readmission fee.

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