Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Graduation Process

Graduate School degrees are awarded monthly, on the last business day of the month you applied to graduate.. To graduate at the end of any given month you must:

  1. You will need to request a Graduation Packet. Submit your Application for Degree on or before the first day of the month. See the Graduate student graduation checklist.
  2. The Application for Degree is available on-line through the MyU portal: Academics Tab >Degree Progress and click on the Apply to Graduate link.
  3. Complete all other requirements by the last workday of the month. Note: Students should not apply to graduate more than one month in advance of your expected completion month. Students may only submit an Application for Degree once. If you need to change your expected graduation term or month after you have applied, you will need to e-mail the Graduate Student Services and Progress Office at:
  4. Complete the department checkout form and return it to the AEM office

There is a checklist of degree completion steps avilable on the Graduate School web site

In addition, students will need to download a Graduation Packet and follow the Graduation checklist provided in the degree packet.

Before you can access your graduation packet, you must have an approved Graduate Degree Plan on file and an Examining Committee assigned (if applicable). See Graduate School Forms. Please see the AEM Graduate Program Assistant in the main office in 107 AkerH if you have not completed these steps.

Follow the links below to download your Graduation Packet

If you are a Masters student, go to this page, then go to the link for the Graduation Packet Request where you have to log in and complete their forms.

If you are a Doctoral student, go to this page, then go to the link for the Graduation Packet Request where you have to log in and complete their forms.

One Stop also has a graduation checklist

Check AEM Masters and Doctoral Degree Requirements to see what you may be missing..

Additional Resource:Graduate Student Services and Progress Office


Post-baccalureate, masters, and doctoral students may participate in the The Arts, Sciences and Engineering Commencement Ceremony which is held every spring for graduate students in the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Medical School Basic Science departments.

Eligible students must register on-line by the designated deadline in order to attend the commencement .Visit this website for more information: Graduate School Commencement or contact Jill Johnson, College of Science and Engineering Dean's Office, 612-625-0721 or See also Eligibility & Registration Requirements The announcement of the commencement date and time as well as the procedure to sign up to attend will be sent by the College Dean's Office to the student's x-500 account early on in spring semester.

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