Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Degree & Program Information

Degree Information

We offer students the opportunity for several different degrees. Dependant on their career and educational goals, one may be more appropriate than the other. The degrees we offer are:

  • Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Program Information

To maintain their active status, graduate students must register every fall and spring term. A full time graduate student is registered for a minimum of 6 credits. Students making steady degree process typically register for between nine to twelve credits a semester. Click here for more information about Graduate School Registration policies.

Masters of Science, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Thirty semester credits are required for the Master of Science degree. A minimum of 14 credits must be in the major field and a minimum of 6 credits will be taken outside the major.

Major Field Credits Students will select from either Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C. If a student chooses Plan A, they then will write a thesis, which enables them to register for up to 10 credits for their research work. The Plan B is accomplished mainly through coursework with a final three credit individual project.Plan C is coursework only.

Of the coursework completed, a first-year graduate student usually takes at least one comprehensive sequence in basic engineering science. Students may choose more advanced and more specialized courses after they have covered the fundamentals. Click here for more detailed information about the courses we offer.

Incoming students who have not covered basic aerodynamics, airplane dynamics, structures, and propulsion in their undergraduate programs are required to make up this material in addition to completing the 30-credit graduate program.

Outside the Major Credits Many students include courses in mathematics in their programs. Courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department in heat transfer and propulsion are also appropriate in aerospace engineering programs.

Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

The Ph.D. program requires approximately two years of course work, but the heart of the Ph.D. program is the thesis research. The first year of the Ph.D. program is similar to the master's program, and most Ph.D. students receive the master's degree. By the end of the first year, the student has chosen an advisor.

The second year is devoted to more advanced courses and beginning research. Subsequent years include some course work with increasing focus on research. The time required to complete a research project is uncertain, but students who enter with a bachelor's degree usually finish the M.S. and Ph.D. program within four to six years. A more complete listing of the degree requirements is available.

Language Requirements: None, for either major. Some doctoral candidates, however, may find that reading proficiency in one or more languages is essential.

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