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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I transfer graduate credits from another academic institution?
Students must complete at least 60 percent of their coursework as UMN Graduate students admitted to our program.  The transfer of credits is permitted provided the credit comes from another recognized graduate school, or another UMN department. Courses the student would like to transfer should be included on their Degree Plan. An official transcript should be attached to the form unless a transcript showing that coursework is already on file at the Graduate School.  If your Degree Plan is already approved, you should submit a petition along with the official transcript of the other institution.

Work to be transferred must be post-baccalaureate, graduate level, and have been taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses. It is the student’s responsibility to provide appropriate course documentation (e.g., course syllabi, faculty status information) supporting proposed transfer credits to the program.

In the case of a transfer from a non-U.S. institution, the credits must have been earned in a program judged by The Graduate School to be comparable to a graduate degree program in a graduate school of a regionally accredited institution in the United States.

Courses taken before the awarding of a baccalaureate degree cannot be transferred.

Please also review the Graduate School's policy on Transfer credit.

2. Will the transfer coursework and credits appear on my University of Minnesota transcript?
No. The transfer work only appears on the approved Degree Plan.

3. How do I switch from the MSAEM to PhD?
You complete a Change of Status.

4. Can I get a MS degree if I am a PhD student?
Yes. It is every student’s option to obtain a MS degree along the way. Simply file a degree program form for the MS degree as well as the PhD.

5. How do I add a minor?
A minor can be added by including the minor and related coursework on the Degree Program form. The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in the minor field must sign the Degree Program. If you already have an approved Degree Program on file with the Graduate School, you will want to submit a Petition form to add the minor and any additional coursework necessary. Note: Master’s degree students must declare a minor prior to their final exam. Doctoral degree students must declare a minor prior to passing the preliminary oral exam.

6. Do the courses that I take as an MSAEM student count towards the 42 credits for a PhD?
All the credits for an MS may be counted toward the PhD course requirements except for AEM 8777. All credits are subject to approval on the Degree Program form.

7. Can I make changes to my Degree Program form?
Yes. File a petition form to request changes in course work to your program. If you wish to change your committee members, please email the AEM Department of Graduate Studies and we will make sure to forward it along to the Graduate School.

8. What’s the difference between a 25% and 50% appointment?
With a 50% appointment you get paid for 20 hours and a full tuition benefit. With a 25% appointment you get paid for 10 hours and a half tuition benefit. For Graduate Health insurance please see the following page:

9. How do I select or change the committee members on my master’s Final Exam, doctoral Preliminary Oral Exam or doctoral Final Exam once the committee has been approved?
You must select your committee online. Once you have selected your committee an email will get sent to your adviser (chair), the DGS and the CSE grad program coordinator for approval. The AEM grad program coordinator is included in the eamil chain, but does not have any approving authority.

10. When/how do I apply to graduate?
You will need to request a Graduation Packet. The Graduate School awards degrees on a monthly basis. You must apply to graduate by the 1st of the month you intend to graduate.

11. When will my degree actually be awarded?
All degrees are awarded on the last business day of the month you applied to graduate.

For more Frequently Asked Questions please visit the Graduate School’s website:

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